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Swap Salt for Herbs and Spices in 2016

Making a New Year’s resolution? Don’t forget salt. Most Americans consume about a 1,000 milligrams of sodium over the amount recommended by nutrition and health experts. New research shows cooking with spices and herbs could help you ditch the saltshaker and meet sodium … read more


Stöllen loaves fresh out of the oven

A Traditional Christmas Bread Beyond Compare

Baking a traditional Christmas bread every year keeps us connected to our family traditions, dear friends and loving memories. My family had established Christmas traditions, such as making Grandma’s old-fashioned fruitcake on Thanksgiving Friday, eating oyster stew on Christmas Eve, and gobbling cookies … read more


KCTS9 Cooking Show with Berger
Santa's Day Off

Spreading Joy and Merriment Year-Round

Many people who own pets in Kitsap or Mason counties are familiar with Jeff Berger — especially if they take their pets to Christmas photo sessions at the Kitsap County Humane Society or the Humane Society of Mason County. To them, of course, … read more


Cauliflower Mash

Five Tips for a Happy and Healthy Plant-Based Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is such a great holiday. We take time to be with our loved ones and be thankful for our relationships, our health and our opportunities. It’s a time to celebrate the harvest and all of the wonderful flavors and colors and textures … read more


Turkey Meatballs

A Non-Traditional Twist on Turkey

Although much is made about the traditional family gatherings that abound this time of year, some of your most anticipated events of the season may actually revolve around your closest friends. With everyone contributing a dish, friend-focused potluck celebrations are the perfect time … read more


Harvest time at Creek House Farm

Pumpkins and Squash: Beyond the Jack-o-lantern!

Cooler temperatures and shorter days evoke the primal instinct in us to walk along leaf-strewn pathways, set in stores for the winter, and look forward to warming soups and luscious baked goods from our ovens. Perhaps no other foodstuff is better suited to … read more


Blueberries — Power Berries

I love blueberries! Each year, I look forward to the first time I get to slide those little globes between my teeth and pop the purple ambrosia over my tongue. Luckily our cafe’s main farmer, Paul Gregory, has a blueberry CSA, so we … read more


Hard Apple Cider Tart

Two Autumn Recipes You’ll Love to Bake

As the seasons shift from summer to fall, you can begin looking forward to warm flavors and fresh inspiration. Below are two recipes from the Wilton Test Kitchen, which created new takes on favorite comfort foods inspired by the 2015 Baking and Decorating … read more


Zucchini Casserole

Turning Zucchini Excess into a Yummy (but Overflowing) Casserole

What do you do with a zucchini the size of a small pony, enough basil to fill a wheelbarrow, so many small tomatoes that could choke a dragon, and ample packages of moose meat in the freezer? These items in themselves come with … read more

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