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Peg Tillery

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

A final word from Peg Tillery

This coming January, I will turn 70 years old. What a glorious age to be. I retired from WSU Kitsap Extension at the age of 67 and continued writing this column and other pieces for WestSound Magazine magazine. This past summer, my husband, … read more

Festuca glauca (Elijah Blue) Blue Fescue

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Bats • Planting Ornamentals • Become a Master...

Bats Eat Insects Galore Bats were a topic in this column in fall of 2008. Since a horribly devastating disease called “white nose syndrome” or WNS is decimating bat populations nationwide, it’s appropriate to revisit information about one of nature’s most awesome weapons … read more

Water-Smart Gardening

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Water-Smart Gardening • What's Up for Kids •...

Water-Smart Gardening July and August bring some of the best weather in West Sound. Some local folks like to say that summer begins on July 5 each year. But that hasn’t been the case this year, as we’ve had many summery days. Local … read more

Get The Dirt

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Pruning, Mulching, Cleaning • Farmers Markets • Lawns...

May and June are perfect months to get out into the garden. It’s not too hot and not too cold, and just right for gardening. Pruning, Mulching and Cleaning Up If you planted tulip and daffodil bulbs last winter, be sure to let … read more

Get The Dirt - Deer

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Farmers Markets • Plant Sales • Giving Back...

Let the official gardening season begin. At least for hardcore gardeners. It’s time to plant potatoes; put in peas and sow some lettuce seeds, bok choy, chard, kale and a host of other cooler season veggies. Get ready to plant fruit trees, raspberries, … read more

Get The Dirt

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Extending the Growing Season • Cleanup, Pruning, Planting...

Get Ready for Gardening Start looking for seed packets at local nurseries during the months of January and February. The sooner, the better for best selection. If you wait too long to pick up veggie seeds, you may not get the ones desired. … read more

Get The Dirt Snowy Owl

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Snowy Owls • Gardening Books

The holidays are a time for resting a bit from gardening tasks and especially a time for friends and family. Since gardening and birds often go together, if you’re lucky, you may see a snowy owl (Bubo scandiacus) passing through this region. It’s … read more


Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Fall Harvesting and Planting • Freezing Veggies •...

Fall Harvesting September and October are a time for pause and reflection and also new beginnings. It’s a time to celebrate the bounty in our gardens and to harvest and preserve fruits, vegetables and herbs for later enjoyment. If you have extra produce, … read more

Get The Dirt - Carpenter Bees

Get The Dirt — On Home Gardening

Carpenter Bees • Winter Veggies • Blackberry Control...

Carpenter Bees Recently at breakfast, I overheard someone talking about carpenter bees. Most people have heard about carpenter ants but carpenter bees were a new one to know. This person had inherited a deck that had been built with old, untreated and unpainted … read more

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