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Portlandia (Photo courtesy Sally Eastman)

Pruning or Moving Modern Roses

The Best Flowers Come from the New Growth

If you have roses in your garden that were planted two or three years ago, you probably need to prune them for their best health, shape and size. Pruning roses is an annual task. After you gather and sharpen your pruners and possibly … read more

‘Easy Does It’

Roses for Every Garden

Roses are perennial shrubs and the modern varieties bloom continuously from late May until October, while many other perennial plants bloom only once each season. The past 20 years of rose hybridizing has produced many disease-resistant roses that will be in the regional … read more


Coral Knock Out Rose

Five ‘Pantone’s Color of The Year’ Inspired Florals to Use in Your Garden

Most gardeners view the same kinds of colors in their garden year after year. You’ll see the bright shades of green as well as hints of red, yellow and even orange. It’s time to think outside the green box and spice up your … read more

The Drainfield and the Rose

The Drainfield and the Rose

Prior to 2011, Sally Eastman, an experienced gardener, had never grown a rose. She said recently, “I think I may have planted Rose One Hundred and One this year.” How and why did she become so bowled over by roses? The story really … read more

Three-year-old plant
Spotlight on Independent Nurseries

Raft Island Roses in Gig Harbor

What started out as one man’s hobby has grown into a nursery with a reputation for quality plants with reasonable prices. Raft Island Roses had its beginning in 1997 when Frank Gatto, originally from Burien, retired from his first career and began selling … read more

Distant Drums

Sustainable Rose Growing

Sustainable growing means different things to different people. In organic gardening and farming, a sustainable growing system minimizes what enters and leaves the system, using only what is sustainable to the environment. Beyond that, sustainability is a local concept. For example, collecting water … read more


Beautiful Roses

Tips on Identifying the Rose-Leaf Fungal Diseases

We have been enjoying blooming roses for many weeks now and June is the time to celebrate our national flower: Cut some and give them to a friend. It is also the time of year when some rose foliage can begin to show … read more

Charles Metroz – Polyantha
Care for Roses, Part 3

Summertime Roses

Midsummer Evaluation By now you have been enjoying your rose blooms and perennials so it’s time to take a critical look at how the garden has progressed. Did you arrange the placement of your plants so the plant heights are pleasing to your … read more


Rose Show

July 11 Show is a Celebration of Roses

Most gardeners love to have visitors to view and talk about what’s growing, and Kitsap County Rose Society members are no different than most. Novice and advanced rose gardeners will groom their best roses for a special July event that will be a … read more

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