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Jalapeno Poppers

Recipes for Game Day Grub

When game day arrives and friends and family are gathered around the big screen to cheer your team to victory, the only thing missing is some great grub to make the celebration complete. Putting together an all-star spread is actually easier than you … read more


DIY Decisions

What to Consider before Deciding to DIY

DIY can be a slippery slope. First, if you can go to work and make more money than you can save doing a project yourself, it can be worth hiring a professional instead. This, of course, does not apply to the person who … read more


(Photo courtesy Russell Van Kraayenberg)

Tips to Bake Pastries from Scratch

Even for talented cooks, dessert can be a different story, especially when you go beyond baking mixes to make pastries from scratch. “Pastries, and the doughs that give them life, have daunting reputations, but they’re not as complicated as they sound,” says Russel … read more


Driftwood Mirror

Weekend Craft Project: Drift Away Mirror

Do you love looking for “found objects” during your beach outings? If you’re a collector of driftwood, why not turn it into a fun mirror. (Please note: It’s illegal to collect driftwood from some public beaches — please check regulations ahead of time.) … read more


Room Remodel

Do You Need a Building Permit? You Might be Surprised!

Recently, a very nice woman came into my office to discuss a basement remodel. She told me that she was just doing a very simple remodel, but soon it involved creating a room, running a heat duct to it, including a new light … read more


Swap Salt for Herbs and Spices in 2016

Making a New Year’s resolution? Don’t forget salt. Most Americans consume about a 1,000 milligrams of sodium over the amount recommended by nutrition and health experts. New research shows cooking with spices and herbs could help you ditch the saltshaker and meet sodium … read more


Tree Recycling

Green Living: Don’t Trash Your Tree!

During the weeks after Thanksgiving, I saw numerous trees on top of cars and in pickup trucks — heading home for their two to four weeks of glory, decorated as the family or office Christmas tree. The sadder side of this story is … read more



Sparkling Celebrations: Get Crafty for 2016

Bring in the New Year with a little extra glam. These sequined 2016 numbers make a great centerpiece, mantel decoration or addition to your party decorations. Supplies: Papier-mâché 2016 numbers Silver spray paint Sequins in a variety of sizes and shapes Krazy Glue … read more


Cooking Oil Recycling

Green Living: Recycle Your Cooking Oil

Fats, oils and grease from kitchens can impact sewer systems in a big way. When poured down a drain inside the house, these items can quickly damage or clog sewage pipes. Whether your house is on a septic system or connected to a … read more

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