Bathroom Upgrades for Improving Style and Function

Bathroom UpgradesIt seems bathrooms are often the most neglected rooms in the house when it comes to sprucing things up. Naturally, the main bath or powder room gets the most attention, since it is the “company bathroom.” When the time comes to remodel or improve your baths, here are few ideas to help you improve style and function.

You don’t have to redo the entire bathroom. Sometimes a few small changes can make the bath look brand new. If just a few spruce-ups are in your budget, try some of these:


Replace the countertops with a new quartz or stone for a beautiful update. Add undermount sinks for supreme ease in cleaning and a modern look!

No caulking to redo or sink edges to wipe around, and the counter space will appear much larger to the eye.

If you have a vanity under 5 feet, you can often take advantage of granite or quartz remnants at a greatly reduced price, giving you some upgraded finishes at a very reasonable cost.


A new vanity is always nice, but if yours is in good working order, a little paint can make a huge impact. Change out the hardware for a completely updated look.

If a new vanity is in order, consider ordering one with roll trays in the cabinet bases or adding them to your existing cabinet, so that all the stuff under the sink is easily accessed without unloading the entire cabinet.


Old tile and grout can start to look a little dingy, but professional grout and tile cleaning, followed by a grout color seal, with leave your tile looking like new. This is a fantastic alternative when your budget doesn’t allow for retiling.


Shower doors can look, well, pretty disgusting over time from the buildup of bar soap and hard water. You can scrub and clean with every idea listed on Pinterest, but most will not remove the mess. Again, shower doors can be professionally cleaned for a fraction of the cost of new (similar to the tile and grout process) and the results are amazing.

If you have the option to gut the room and start over, consider a curb-free shower — nothing to step over and great for aging in place. The bath will look bigger and function better.

If you get a new shower door, have the glass treated to resist water spotting and buildup. Then, switch to liquid soap (leaves no film on the glass) and designate the last person out to squeegee duty for the best results.

Floor Heat

While you are at it, this is the time to add floor heat if you are thinking about it. There is nothing quite like warm tile underfoot in the cold winter, and you can extend it to the shower floors and even walls, if you wish.


Choose a one-piece, comfort height toilet with an elongated bowl for a more modern look and for ease in cleaning. Choosing one with a concealed trap on the sides will make cleaning even easier.

Plan for Later Needs

Add backing in the walls during the remodel for future grab bar locations. Take photos so that you have a reference for later. New grab bars, like those in the Kohler Choreograph series, are sleek and modern, with teak trays to hold shower products. The look amazing — nothing like a grab bar.

Whether you are just doing a few things or going for a major overhaul, these tips will get you pointed in the right direction to have a bathroom that is both stylish and functional.