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Handy Person

When You Should — and Should Not — Hire a Handyman

When you need a few things done around the house, a handyman, handywoman or handyperson sounds like a great idea. Small jobs, done fairly quickly, don’t really require a general contractor, you may think. Or do they? The handyman field is largely unregulated, … read more


Asparagus simmering in shallow skillet
In the Market Now

Spring Tonics (Delicious Asparagus, that is)

Fleshy, green and succulent, asparagus is the ultimate spring vegetable. Known for its cleansing diuretic properties for centuries and once only available in spring, it has become a year-round favorite on American tables. Early culinary records indicate asparagus, which is a native of … read more


Spring Maintenance

8 Spring Spruce-ups and Maintenance Chores for Your Home

After a wet Washington winter, there are plenty of tasks to do to keep things in order around your home. A little routine maintenance will protect your investment and prevent more serious issues down the line. Here are some basic “chores” for your … read more


Carrot Cake Swirled Cream Cheese Bars

Spring into Easter with Reinvented Family Recipes

Vegetable casseroles and carrot cake have been Easter menu mainstays for decades, but with the majority of millennials now hosting holiday family gatherings, retro dishes are getting a flavorful facelift with new ingredients and flavor twists. Chef Kevan Vetter of the McCormick Kitchens … read more


Plans to Remodel

Buying a Home with Plans to Remodel? 3 Important Tips for the Best Results

Recently I met with a great couple who bought an older home. It has lots of potential — and lots of room for improvement. The couple has a significant amount of money budgeted. But after walking through the home to discuss all the … read more


Easter Topiary

Weekend Craft Project: ‘Candy is Dandy’ Easter Topiary

Create a fun and festive Easter celebration your entire family can enjoy! This easy project adds a punch of color to your holiday dinner or dessert table. This fun craft also makes a great candy table centerpiece at birthday parties or weddings. Supplies: … read more


Shotweed (cardamine hirsuta) as filling in a tea sandwich with cream cheese and butter.

Spring Time Means Exotic Greens (and Even ‘Weeds’) for Your Table

This is the time of year when everything starts turning the most magnificent color of green, and humans begin to sense it is time for spring cleaning. Rebirth, renewal, cleansing of home, body and spirit is the focus. Perhaps Mother Nature leads us … read more


Interior Design

Remodeling with Timeless Designs Vs. Trends

Starting the process of a remodeling project is exhilarating, and also daunting. The excitement of having a space (or spaces) that will function for you and your family makes you daydream of many pages out of trendy magazines. The reality is, you eventually … read more


Bathroom in a Day: Can it really be true?

Bathroom in a Day: Can it really be true?

You have seen ads for companies that specialize in a brand new bathroom — in “just one day!” It sounds like a dream come true. Have you ever wondered if it can really be done? Well yes, it can. However, there are a … read more

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