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The Home

Each issue of our magazine showcases new or remodeled homes, including our design series, appliances, and the latest in kitchen and bath features. These articles are only a sample of what we have in WestSound Magazine each issue — subscribe to the print version today to see all of what we have to offer!

Plant material pressed in a flower press

Creating Pressed Botanicals for Décor — The Art of the Herbarium

Plant gathering and preservation for identification has its foundations in history and early botanical plant hunting. Plants in modern gardens have their origins from all over the world, as botanists journeyed to distant lands. As the West was discovered, Lewis and Clark collected … read more

Much Ado About Countertops

Much Ado About Countertops

Tips on selecting the best countertop for your...

Countertops are the workhorse of both the kitchen and the bathroom. They perform a myriad of tasks including food preparation, writing surface for bill paying and homework, buffet serving space, supporting small appliances, facilitating daily hygiene routines and more. They are subjected to … read more

Great Rooms

Your Great Room — Six Beautiful Ways to Create Zones That All Go Together

The trick to designing a beautiful great room...

Most of us love a great room. It’s a latter-day architectural concept that suits a casual lifestyle and allows everyone to talk to the cook and help out with dinner. Perfect for the casual living of the 21st century. Here are some easy … read more

The Captured Garden

The Captured Garden

In the summer of 1829, Dr. Nathaniel Ward placed the chrysalis of an adult sphinx moth in an enclosed glass container so he could observe the moth’s emergence. The soil he placed in the container sprouted seeds and spores, as natural soils will … read more

A wonderfully crooked branch makes a fabulous chimney spouting from a mass of moss and lichen. (Photo by Colleen Miko)
Covered in Detail

NW Slugs Handmade Mosaics

Magical. Charming. Right out of a fairy tale. Lisa Infante creates tiny fantasy worlds with her one-of-a-kind, custom birdhouses. The attention to detail is what sets her artwork apart from typical garden decorations. The houses are three-dimensional mosaics made from atypical materials. While … read more

Achieving Zen

Achieving Zen

A conflicted Bainbridge residence realizes its potential through...

When Marc and Judy Williamson opened the door to the dated Bill Point rambler, they entered a house with a persistent identification crisis. Although the subtle Asian overtones of the architecture were good, the home’s previous owners had interpreted the interior with wall-to-wall … read more

All About Showers

All About Showers

From basic hygiene to a spa-like escape, showers fulfill different needs for different people. Most don’t give a second thought about what goes into creating one of the most used features of the home nor how the design and maintenance of this simple … read more

Use Your Second Home as Second Income

Use Your Second Home as Second Income

Someone once said that wealth is built on real estate because they’re not making more of it. Doesn’t feel like sound advice for those who bought during the real estate bubble, when housing prices were reaching record highs and anyone with a pulse … read more

Blanco Quartrus double bowl sink in stainless steel
Everything and the Kitchen Sink

Plumbing Fixtures for the Kitchen

Go into a plumbing showroom or home-building store and you will be amazed by the variety of types, styles and finishes available in kitchen plumbing fixtures today. The following article is designed as a decision tree to help you make the right choices … read more

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