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The Yoga Salmon Trail

The Yoga Salmon Trail

Not heaven, not quite — the Pacific Northwest is a bevy of sparkling amenities, things to do and see that capture the soul. One of those things is my “Yoga Salmon Trail” morning adventure in Belfair. It started at the new, multimillion-dollar Faith … read more

Triple-bin composting system

Making Compost

Plants provide wonderful food for cooking but one of the not-so-secret secrets of gardening is that every now and then, you need to cook for plants rather than with them. Give them a tasty meal of their favorite food and they will thank … read more


Microbead Product Ban

Facing the Plastic — Why the Federal Government is Banning Microbeads

If you have ever used an exfoliating body wash or facial scrub from a major manufacturer, chances are you’ve used a product containing microbeads. While these tiny particles may be good for removing dead skin, they are bad news for the environment. Beginning … read more



Storms impact more just people — Puget Sound suffers, too

Storms have been hitting the South Puget Sound hard over the past few months. We have gotten used to the inclement weather, keeping a rain jacket close at all times and putting on tough faces when rain threatens to cancel plans. We have … read more


Great Peninsula Conservancy

Share Your Thoughts About Great Peninsula Conservancy’s Preservation Plans

The Great Peninsula Conservancy is updating its goals, objectives and strategies for conserving lands and waters on the Kitsap, Key and Gig Harbor peninsulas. The draft Great Peninsula Conservancy Conservation Plan for 2016-2021 is an update and revision to the previous plan. Its … read more


2016-2017 USA Duck Stamp

Supporting Wildlife Refuges by Collecting Duck Stamps

“…You don’t have to be a hunter to buy a duck stamp. You just need $25. So go out and buy the stamp.” Jim Williams, co-author of the book “Questions and Answers about Backyard Birds,” made that statement in an article he wrote … read more

Unsung Hero — Julie Ann Gustanski

Greater Gig Harbor Foundation

Julie Ann Gustanski is a founding member (together with Vernon Young, Eric Guenther and Mike Paul, Jr.) of the Greater Gig Harbor Foundation. All of her work for the foundation — including, currently, as the CEO — has been volunteer service. Prior to … read more


Orca Pod

Orca Births are Good News for Puget Sound but are At Risk

Most can agree that seeing an orca glide through the water is a pretty rare and incredible sight. If you have lived in the Puget Sound for a while, perhaps you’ve been lucky enough to see an orca or two in the wild. … read more


Tree Recycling

Green Living: Don’t Trash Your Tree!

During the weeks after Thanksgiving, I saw numerous trees on top of cars and in pickup trucks — heading home for their two to four weeks of glory, decorated as the family or office Christmas tree. The sadder side of this story is … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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