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(Photo courtesy Dennis Jacobson)

Magical Rocky Beach Retreat

Back in the ’50s, Dennis Jacobson’s family vacationed in a rented cabin less than a mile down the road from the retirement home where he and his wife, Betty, live. He knew then he wanted to live right on the water someday. As … read more


This aggregating anemone is in the process of becoming two organisms by binary fission.

The Battle of the Colonies in Real Life: Slow-Motion Science on the Beach

Where would you go to find a clonal colony of creatures armed with thousands of neurotoxin-filled harpoons engaged in deadly combat? To find the front line of an intergenerational clone-colony war, you need go no farther than your local beach. The humble sea … read more


Deception Pass

How Long is Truly Our West Sound Coastline? It’s a Bit of a Paradox

The length of our coastline depends on the...

By simply using prominent points around the peninsula and measuring by the mile, the Coastal Zone Atlas of Washington (a product of the Washington State Department of Ecology) says the coastline of Kitsap County is 246 miles, Mason County’s 218 miles and Pierce … read more

Perspective on Port Madison
Cover Feature

Perspective on Port Madison

Bainbridge Island’s picturesque Port Madison Bay has drawn people to its peaceful shores since Native Americans first paddled into the deep-water harbor. Generations later, in the mid-1800s, the area became home to a bustling lumber mill with an economic impact so great that … read more


Manchester State Park Ochre Star

Enjoying the Beach and Nature at Manchester State Park

We have to be grateful for this amazing winter weather we have been experiencing. For many of us, this sunshine makes us want to jump ahead to spring! As the weather continues to get warmer, it will be time for people to head … read more


Manchester State Park is one of the many places where you can kayak in West Sound (Discover Pass is required for parking).

Enjoy Puget Sound by Kayak

There is nothing more refreshing then slowly paddling through the beautiful estuary we call home. Puget Sound is the second largest estuary in the United States. Fresh water enters Puget Sound through more than 10,000 rivers and streams all across Washington, and salt … read more


How many barnacles can you count?

Winter’s the Perfect Time for the Beach

Winter is not your typical time to go to the beach. One, it’s cold. Two, it’s probably raining. Lastly, the tide is too high — that is, unless you plan your beach venture in the dark of the night. That’s right, around here … read more

Jean Boyle and Bethany McDonald — A Tale of Two Sisters and Their Gardens
Jean Boyle and Bethany McDonald

A Tale of Two Sisters and Their Gardens

Sisters Jean Boyle and Bethany McDonald live in Suquamish just a short walk from each other. They are often mistaken for twins but one is actually older than the other by nearly two years. McDonald has gardened in Suquamish for 35 years, but … read more

Key Peninsula Words and Music

‘Words and Music’ dazzle the Key Peninsula

For the past couple of years, dozens of people have been coming to the Key Peninsula — some from as far as the East Coast or Canada — to attend performances of singer-songwriters from around the country. Having almost-monthly concerts in a rural … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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