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Circe grab bar in chrome and porcelain by Ginger

Making a Bathroom Complete — Decorative Hardware that Adds Style and Function

Want to take your bathroom from good to great with minimal effort? Adding decorative hardware can not only boost your bathroom’s style quotient but also provide much appreciated functionality and storage. There are many products and places to install decorative hardware. Several hardware … read more

Starter Home Redesign

Starter Home Gets Major Redesign After Homeowners’ Hiatus

Port Orchard home takes on Asian aesthetics after...

Imagine building a new home, then moving overseas for nearly two decades, and returning to that home that had quietly aged. That’s what one Port Orchard couple did — and when they returned, they knew the old home needed some updates and changes … read more


Water Audit Danger Fafety

How to Perform a Water Safety Audit in Your Home

Tips for identifying and correcting risks can help...

Drowning is the leading cause of injury death among children aged 1-4 years, and while swimming pools are a major risk, not all deaths occur in or around a pool. There are many potential risks for drowning in the average home. Parents with … read more

Designer Fox Island Home
Cover Feature

Designer Fox Island Home Given a New Look with Small Touches

A home redesign doesn’t always have to involve demolition work and remapping of the floor plan. Sometimes changing the smaller things in a home can make a world of difference. One Fox Island couple steered clear of the more traditional sense of a … read more

The Forever Home on Mason Lake
Cover Feature

The Forever Home on the Lake…

What do you do when you own a beautiful piece of waterfront property on Mason Lake, and you’re not sure what to do with it? You build your forever home on it, of course. Mason Lake is one of those special places that … read more


House Cleaning

Are Your Spring Cleaning Products Safe?

Do you know what ingredients are in the cleaning products you buy? Probably not, as there are no federal governmental regulations requiring companies to disclose their contents. But harsh chemicals can take their toll on the indoor air quality of your home, are … read more

Bainbridge Island Home is a Study in Gray

Bainbridge Island Home is a Study in Gray

A cozy Bainbridge Island townhouse complex backs up to one of the area’s many lovely water views. There, Molly McCabe and Clive Pardy, owners of A Kitchen That Works LLC, a Bainbridge Island design-build firm, transformed one couple’s home from a dated homage … read more


Modern Bathroom Design
Part 2

Remodeling Trends: The Master Bath

The second most-popular remodeling project is definitely the master bath. And people have very specific ideas. We do see some common trends. Let’s dive right in. Number one on the list is what we call the party shower. Yep, huge — sometimes as … read more

Deck mounted tub by MTI with deck mounted Roman tub filler by Kohler
Everything and the Bathroom Sink

Plumbing Fixtures for the Bathroom

Go into a plumbing showroom or home building center and you will be amazed by the variety of types, styles and finishes available in bathroom plumbing fixtures today. Your first step in selecting fixtures is to define your style. Some homeowners favor a … read more

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