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West Sound has an incredible number of talented artists, interesting people, fascinating places and popular destinations. We love to share their stories with our readers. These articles are only a sample of what we have in WestSound Magazine each issue — subscribe to the print version to see all of what we have to offer!


Historical Plants of West Sound

West Sound, known as the Kitsap Peninsula and the Great Peninsula, has a rich agricultural and horticultural history. The glaciers left rich earthen deposits behind; the forest duff provided rich tilth and the two combined to make wonderful soils. Just the right amount … read more

Windows to the Past — Ole and Ellen Kvinsland Farm
Windows to the Past

Ole and Ellen Kvinsland Had a Farm…

Ole and Ellen Kvinsland would bust their buttons if they could see their homestead now. If they climbed into a time machine and dropped by for a visit, they’d find lots of changes to the old farmhouse, but they’d also find the important … read more

Hearing Problems In the Workplace

Hearing Problems In the Workplace

There is a lot of evidence out there to remind people to stay active, moving and socializing. Physical fitness immediately comes to mind when thinking of staying active, but staying mentally active is equally as important, if not more so, for long-term health … read more

New Nutcrackers From Old

New Nutcrackers From Old

Local artist Linna Lawrence gets neglected dolls cracking

The lights dim. The curtains part. The music soars and the performers take the stage for the Nutcracker ballet. But wait, what’s this? Where are the ballerinas? Where are the tutus? The stage is full of — well — nutcrackers. Ever wonder what … read more


Strike while the iron is hot!
Burnett Forge

Striking While the Iron is Hot

Walking into any shop is a sensory experience — the smell of dust and oil pervade the nostrils and a bevy of interesting tools and projects in all stages of completion draw the eye. Entering Elijah Burnett’s shop enlivens new senses — the … read more

Gig Harbor
Gig Harbor

A Graceful Rebirth of a Historic Town

A sleepy fishing village until the 1980s, the scenic town of Gig Harbor occupies the southernmost tip of the Kitsap Peninsula and commands a majestic view of Mount Rainier. Nearly 150 years after the first settlers arrived and 68 years after incorporation, the … read more

Stephanie Cline

Unsung Hero — Stephanie Cline

Executive Director, Harrison Medical Center Foundation

Stephanie Cline has served as the Harrison Medical Center Foundation’s executive director since June 2002. She has been involved with philanthropy and nonprofit fundraising and development for nearly 30 years. Since taking the helm of the foundation, Cline has successfully expanded the hospital’s … read more

Cooking Around the World With Grandma

Cooking Is a Family Affair

Millie Lindell gets to spend quite a bit of time with her five grandchildren. Both she and her adult son and daughter live on Fox Island, so the family spends a lot of time together. But Lindell wanted a special project with her … read more

Jean Boyle and Bethany McDonald — A Tale of Two Sisters and Their Gardens
Jean Boyle and Bethany McDonald

A Tale of Two Sisters and Their Gardens

Sisters Jean Boyle and Bethany McDonald live in Suquamish just a short walk from each other. They are often mistaken for twins but one is actually older than the other by nearly two years. McDonald has gardened in Suquamish for 35 years, but … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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