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Gardening With Peg

Plants for Year-Round Interest

When selecting plants for landscaping, you’ll find several types for extending interest in the garden for more than three seasons. Roses, hydrangeas, hardy fuchsias and conifers are just some examples. In this video, you’ll see Lacecap hydrangea, Rosa glauca, Abies koreana ‘Horstmann’s Silverlocke’ … read more

Barbara and Dave Shoaf — Garden Paradise

Barbara and Dave Shoaf — Garden Paradise

The hillside gardens of Barbara and Dave Shoaf offer a glimpse of paradise to every visitor. When the North Kitsap couple retired from spending their lives and careers in Phoenix, Ariz., they knew exactly where they wanted to move. In fact, they had … read more


Late summer border bloomers, upright sedum and Japanese Anemone

A Few Tasks for the Dog Days of a Summer Garden

As you stroll through the garden in the heat of the day, plants don’t seem to have that oomph they had in the spring. Some say it’s just too hot to garden and are waiting for fall planting time to even think about … read more

Raised planters the size of twin beds are fun personalized spaces for garden experimentation.

Cultivate Your Child’s Love for Gardening

Allowing a bit of creative autonomy is the key to encouraging children to spend time in the garden. Children can be reluctant to try something new, afraid of doing something wrong or making a mess. With their own space to experiment, putter and … read more


Butterflies sip nectar from closely packed clusters of flowers, such as snowbrush, Ceanothus velutinus.
Water, Wild Plants, and Wildlife

How to Create a Backyard Sanctuary for Wildlife

Do you have waterfront property? Does your house look out on magnificent views of the Puget Sound? Or perhaps you have a secluded lakeshore cabin. You may want to consider making your property friendly to wildlife. On my property, there is a vernal … read more

Tricycle planted with begonias, ferns and impatiens

Dress Up the Summer Garden

A summer without annuals is like a spring without flowering bulbs. It is time to dress up a drab garden in a kaleidoscope of summer color with seasonal plants. When a garden passion turns into an obsession, you can fill gardens and containers … read more

The Andersons' tropical garden by the beach

Gardening and Literacy Connect at The Gig Harbor Garden Tour

Cicero once said, “If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” Those words still ring true today and are especially applicable to the Gig Harbor Garden Tour. For the last 16 years, the tour has dedicated its profits … read more


Shore pine (Pinus contorta)

Best Native Plants for Protecting Your Hillside from Erosion

After the terrible Oso landslide tragedy, we received several calls at Woodbrook Native Plant Nursery from people wanting advice on what to plant on their hillsides. Plants help protect against erosion in several ways. They remove water from the soil and carry it … read more


Weissman Garden, Bainbridge Island. (Photo courtesy The Garden Conservancy)

The Garden Conservancy’s Open Days Showcases Six North Kitsap Gardens

Six private gardens in Indianola, Kingston and on Bainbridge Island will be open to the general public on June 29 as part of Garden Conservancy’s Open Days. The mission of the Garden Conservancy is to preserve “America’s exceptional gardens” as well as educate … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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