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Gochujang-Glazed Chicken

Learn why Foil-Packet Cooking is Hot, Hot, Hot

As the saying goes, big things come in small packages, and that may explain the burgeoning popularity of foil-packet recipes. Minimal preparation and cleanup are easy trade-offs for the immense flavors you can create in these tiny containers, whether you prepare them in … read more

Jake's Pickup

Jake’s Pickup — Gourmet, Organic Food in an Unorthodox Location

It’s Cinnamon Roll Saturday at the Bainbridge Island eatery Jake’s Pickup. The business’ Facebook page is live with streaming video of owner Jake Angel, working the kitchen of his deli/takeout or dine-in/espresso bar and explaining the difference between a bench knife and a … read more

Gig Harbor Candy Company

The Sweet Life in Gig Harbor — Gig Harbor Candy Company

Phil Michelson had gifted his elderly father some Gig Harbor Candy Company English toffee. His father had never asked for anything in his life until, in failing health, he asked for some more of the luscious, chocolate-covered toffee. There was just one catch: … read more


Baked Apple Cake
In the Market Now


“As American as apple pie,” the saying goes. “An apple a day keep’s the doctor away” — maybe because an apple is full of fiber and vitamins and minerals? And then, stories abound about a guy name Johnny Appleseed who went across the … read more


Grandma's Chocolate Mayo Cake

Recipe for Simple Living: Grandma’s Chocolate Mayo Cake

Anyone else have a sweet tooth? I love to bake. Desserts are what make my kitchen go round. I used to purchase boxed cake mixes by the half dozen when they came on sale. Until (you guessed it) I started reading the ingredients. … read more


In the Market Now


Of all the delicious fruits grown in the Northwest, pears may be the most versatile, succulent and satisfying of all. Pears transcend summer into fall, ripening late summer to early autumn, depending on variety and weather conditions. This beautiful fruit lends itself to … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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