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Design Trends 2022

Design Trends in 2022

Advice from West Sound Design Experts

Every year, we gather our panel of design experts to discuss some of the hottest design trends. In 2022, expect to see natural-looking finishes, natural materials like wood, and more recycled and upcycled choices for the environmentally conscious. Comfort is the key for … read more

Design Series 2016
Design in 2016

Design — Advice from the Experts

The first of the year is a wonderful...

Trends in home design for 2016 run the gamut from simple and strong to bold and reclaimed. Tranquil baths, bold flooring and attention to reusable materials top the list. Trends in home design are similar to trends in fashion. There are always hot … read more


Old And New Furniture Styles

Home Décor Tips: How to Mix the Old with the New

A client asked me recently whether modern and traditional pieces can mix together in the same room. She had inherited some traditional sofas and chairs from her grandmother, but her husband prefers more modern and simpler look. The two styles are not mutually … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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