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WestSound Magazine
Coming In 2015

New Year Will Bring More of WestSound Magazine to Your Home

It’s hard to believe but WestSound Magazine magazine will be 10 years old in 2015. We’ve been enjoying it so much, we hardly noticed! We’ve evolved and expanded through the years, trying to keep up with the changing trends and our readers’ requests. … read more


Strike while the iron is hot!
Burnett Forge

Striking While the Iron is Hot

Walking into any shop is a sensory experience — the smell of dust and oil pervade the nostrils and a bevy of interesting tools and projects in all stages of completion draw the eye. Entering Elijah Burnett’s shop enlivens new senses — the … read more

Slippery Pig Brewery

The Wine Cabinet — Slippery Pig Brewery

The grand opening of The Slippery Pig Brewery in Poulsbo in June saw a huge amount of excited craft-brew lovers pack the brewery rooms. These were people who enjoy the craft-beer trade and knew that Slippery Pig beers were some of the best … read more

The Thrill of Distilling

The Thrill of Distilling

Father-and-son duo Keith and Patrick Barnes have brewed...

Many believe that the older a whiskey is, the better it is. But that’s not necessarily true — the start-to-finish process has more to do with the quality of the liquor than simply age. The same, then, could be said of a distillery: … read more


Red Plantation

Poulsbo’s Red Plantation is a Journey in Inspiration

In the charming little Nordic village of Poulsbo, you can find everything from Krumkake irons to Lefse paddles. You can also enjoy delicious scones and the original Poulsbo bread. Poulsbo definitely is the Kitsap Peninsula’s “Little Norway,” where you can buy a Scandinavian … read more


edg3 FUND

Two West Sound Businesses Among Five Vying for Kitsap Bank’s Edg3 Grant

The TV show “Shark Tank” has nothing on Kitsap Bank. The Port Orchard-based community bank is giving local entrepreneurs a chance to share their fresh ideas for expanding their business — and to walk away with $20,000. The bank’s edg3 FUND competition, launched … read more

One of the summer greenhouses is chock full of petals and such.
The Brothers Greenhouses

Plants and Proprietors with Local Roots

A cool Northwestern day is the perfect time to duck into a greenhouse, replete with the warmth of solar energy coming through the walls, pleasantly humid as plants exhale pure oxygen, and fragrant with the earthy perfume of rich soil. Greenhouses can be … read more

Gig Harbor's Net Sheds Harken Back to Yesteryear
Blast from the Past

Gig Harbor’s Net Sheds Harken Back to Yesteryear

Shortly after the first commercial fishermen began settling in Gig Harbor, net sheds started dotting the waterfront. These wood structures, built on pilings, were simple but their long, rectangular shape made them distinct. For the fishermen, the net sheds provided a convenient way … read more

Designer and Artist Terry Logan — The Logger's Daughter
Designer and Artist Terry Logan

Fascination of Good Design Creates a Variety of Interests

Terry Logan (formerly Terry Nokell) was only 5 years old when she first used a needle to sew. With scraps of burgundy corduroy and flowery-indigo cotton left from her outfit for a kindergarten photo, Logan decided to make herself a vest. Of course, … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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