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Grilled Steak Recipe

Food and Wine Pairing Tips for Your Memorial Day Party

Memorial Day heralds the start of grilling season. Perfect your fireside techniques and enhance outdoor dining by learning how to pair wine with grilled dishes. “The right wine makes every meal better, especially with meals cooked on the grill,” says Michael Trujillo, president … read more


Tips for Shopping Organic on a Budget

Tips for Shopping Organic on a Budget

Chances are you’ve already heard about the benefits of including certified USDA organic foods in your diet. However, you may have also heard that such choices are typically higher in cost. “Eating right is in easier reach of Americans than ever before,” says … read more


John and Sarah Steiner on their sailboat Carbon.

The Art of Woodworking: An Interview with Artist John Steiner

John Steiner and Harris/Zommers Interiors have worked together on client projects for about 40 years. Steiner is a renowned Bainbridge Island woodworker, known for his furniture, cabinetry and other custom work. Before going to measure an oiled-walnut bookcase system for a new client, … read more


Choosing paint colors

Making Interior Paint Choices You Can Live With

Choosing paint colors can cause mild anxiety in some people. It’s a lot of space to cover all the walls, so the color better be, well, pretty great. It has to work with so many components in your home, from fixed items like … read more


House Cleaning

Are Your Spring Cleaning Products Safe?

Do you know what ingredients are in the cleaning products you buy? Probably not, as there are no federal governmental regulations requiring companies to disclose their contents. But harsh chemicals can take their toll on the indoor air quality of your home, are … read more


Choosing Exterior Paint Colors

Choosing Exterior Paint Colors for Your Home

In any building or remodeling project, choosing finishes and colors are always the hardest. For many people, the paint colors can be the most overwhelming. I usually have clients break it down a little to help make the process easier. With exterior colors, … read more



A Dainty Distinctive Treat for Your Next Brunch or Bash

Forget cronuts, cake pops and cupcakes. Whether you’re planning an elegant afternoon tea or seeking an unexpected addition to your next brunch or cocktail party, there’s another chic pastry that deserves its day — the madeleine. These classic, seashell-shaped cakes were named after … read more


Pinterest Remodeling Ideas

Using Websites to Help Plan Your Building or Remodeling Project

It’s still not uncommon to meet new clients who drag in a binder of ideas, photos and notes they have been keeping for years, ready for the day when they can start their building or remodeling project. I’m guilty too — I have … read more


Nice Patio

Dreaming of Summer — It’s Never too Early to Start Planning!

This dreary winter weather really gets me to dreaming about sunshine and warmer days. Great afternoons on the deck or patio with friends, beautiful places to relax on a nice Northwest day, and additional living space during our spectacular summers are just a … read more

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