The Garden

Many interesting and delightful gardens abound in our area — how fun to glimpse into a gardener’s back yard (or even front yard). Enjoy gardens from Gig Harbor, Port Orchard, Bremerton, Central Kitsap, and the North end of Kitsap including Bainbridge Island. These articles are only a sample of what we have in WestSound Magazine each issue — subscribe to the print version today to see all of what we have to offer!

Community Education Opportunities — Lifelong Learning in the West Sound
WSU Kitsap Extension

Community Education Opportunities

Lifelong Learning in the West Sound

Master Gardener Program Free Children’s Gardening Activities School’s out! Are you looking for something fun and free for the kids? The WSU Kitsap Master Gardeners are offering children’s gardening activities in two of our demonstration gardens this summer — plant, water, harvest and … read more

Bainbridge In Bloom

Bainbridge In Bloom

The Bainbridge Island Arts & Humanities Council is celebrating creativity at the 2014 Bainbridge in Bloom garden tour. Open 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. on July 11 – 12, the event features exquisite gardens and live music throughout the tour. Highlight of this … read more

The gazebo anchors display beds and houses a black bamboo in its center.
Glenwood Gardens

Exploring Plant Textures

Texture. It’s a word used to describe plants and how they look and feel to the touch. What plants do you think of when you hear the words silky, prickly, smooth, fuzzy, papery? Do you think of bark, leaves, stems or flowers? Nancy … read more

Wysteria with Spirea in foreground
The Garden of Rhonda and Steve Edwards

A Dream Come True

Rhonda and Steve Edwards, married 40 years, grew up in Kitsap County. In 1988 they bought acreage in South Kitsap, where they began to create their dream home and garden. They made a point of incorporating areas to accommodate the growing needs of … read more


In Defense of Weeds

Weeds (sigh!), the curse of all gardeners, from beginner to professional. No one has immunity from them. Some plants that are considered weeds are valuable to herbalists, like the lowly dandelion or stinging nettle, but let’s talk about the common ones that are … read more

After: The walkway has been defined and sword ferns and other existing plants repeated on both sides of the pathway for unity.

Garden Design Dilemmas

Updating, renovating or simply frustrated by boredom — pondering plants and garden spaces is something all gardeners do at some point. Gardens grow and change and need editing now and then. Like with many projects, when looking at gardens too long, it is … read more

Variegated lacecap hydrangea

All About Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas are a no-fail shrub for Northwest gardens. Flower colors include white, pink, blue and lilac. A few are actually called “red” but the color is more an intense pink segueing into claret. Flowers can begin in shades of green, turning to deep … read more

The New Victory Gardens

The New Victory Gardens

Victory gardens during World War I and II sprouted up on any vacant lot, in front and back yards and anywhere there was a spot to grow nutritious fruit and vegetables. Today a new movement is underway to grow victory gardens once again. … read more

One of the summer greenhouses is chock full of petals and such.
The Brothers Greenhouses

Plants and Proprietors with Local Roots

A cool Northwestern day is the perfect time to duck into a greenhouse, replete with the warmth of solar energy coming through the walls, pleasantly humid as plants exhale pure oxygen, and fragrant with the earthy perfume of rich soil. Greenhouses can be … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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