Tips for Creating an Ageless Garden

Tips for Creating an Ageless GardenHow can we create an “ageless” garden to stand the test of time through our entire gardening lifetime? Here are a few quick ideas to consider incorporating into your garden’s overall design.

  • Choose wide paths (4-6 feet wide).
  • Choose smooth or compact permeable path materials such as flagstone, permeable concrete, and small crushed rock called fines.
  • Choose raised bed construction (wood, rock, cobbles).
  • Choose low maintenance plants — easy-care perennials rather than annuals, small to diminutive varieties of favorite shrubs rather than full-scale varieties needing annual pruning, and low-growing plants.
  • Tips for Creating an Ageless GardenLocate water sources close to plantings or install drip irrigation where possible.
  • Avoid steep slopes.
  • Think compact, easy access and easy maintenance.
  • Use mulches for weed reduction, easy weed removal and moisture retention.
  • Think container plantings made with lightweight materials or more permanent ceramic or stoneware container plantings that can be accessed from all sides.
  • Locate benches or seating areas throughout the garden for resting spots.
  • Allow for an easily accessed garden or patio area to continue growing your favorite plants, whether it’s a miniature fruit tree, an array of vegetables or maybe even containers full of your favorite annuals like geraniums, petunias or tender summer-blooming bulbs.
  • Remember to allow for a variety of sensory stimulation — scented plants, textural plants, colorful plants, striking plants.
  • Include easy-care herbs: rosemary, lemon balm, chives, lavender, mint (in containers).
  • Locate a soothing water feature close by, even if it’s only a small bubbling fountain.