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Mad About Mudrooms

Mad About Mudrooms

These transitional spaces help keep your home mess-free

Picture your kitchen counter. Is it a dumping ground for mail, backpacks, briefcases, coupons and family messages that usually get lost in the shuffle? Do you yearn for a serene, organized location to store frequently used items, house grubby shoes and to act … read more

Cooking Around the World With Grandma

Cooking Is a Family Affair

Millie Lindell gets to spend quite a bit of time with her five grandchildren. Both she and her adult son and daughter live on Fox Island, so the family spends a lot of time together. But Lindell wanted a special project with her … read more

Childproofing your home

How Childproof is Your Home?

Safety is a concern for everyone, especially parents. An important part of raising children is careful supervision of their activities in the home. Parents need to be aware of their children’s surroundings at all times in order to anticipate and prevent potential injury. … read more


Electric Heated Towel Bars

When Is a Towel Warmer Not Just a Luxury Item?

With the onset of fall and chilly mornings, our motivation to pop out of bed each workday and dash to the shower wanes. Many of would prefer to stay snuggled under the warmth of our bed covers. However, there is a way to … read more

Designing and Building with Chemical Sensitivity in Mind

Designing and Building with Chemical Sensitivity in Mind

Most design projects begin by drafting and prioritizing the client’s wish list. At the top of the list you will typically find more storage, better lighting, updated finishes, etc. However, when a homeowner has multiple chemical sensitivities (MCS), the priorities change, with indoor … read more


How to Select the Proper Seat Height for Best Comfort

How to Select the Proper Seat Height for Best Comfort

At a restaurant in Seattle recently, we opted for the privacy and comfort of booth seating. When our dinners arrived, however, we ended up eating with high elbows. As it happens frequently in restaurants, the banquette/booth seat cushions were simply too low in … read more

Hobby Greenhouse

A Primer on Buying a Hobby Greenhouse

All gardeners have a wish list: new plants to try, a load of compost delivered, a potting shed, etcetera, but there is one thing that always seems to top the list — a greenhouse. Imagine how the midwinter blues melt away as you … read more

Plant material pressed in a flower press

Creating Pressed Botanicals for Décor — The Art of the Herbarium

Plant gathering and preservation for identification has its foundations in history and early botanical plant hunting. Plants in modern gardens have their origins from all over the world, as botanists journeyed to distant lands. As the West was discovered, Lewis and Clark collected … read more

New Life… for an Old Art

Gig Harbor wool-rug braider renews the tradition of...

When Donna McKeever stumbled upon a rug-braiding class about two decades ago, she fell in love with this nearly lost art. Not only did she find her creative outlet, she wanted to inspire others to pursue it as well. “It’s a very simple … read more

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