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How to Start Veggies and Other Plants from Seeds

There are many reasons why gardeners decide to start plants from seed. It can be vegetable seeds for growing, harvesting and eating produce, or non-edible annuals to merely decorate containers and other areas of the garden or to attract pollinators. The main reason … read more


Euphorbia characias subsp. wulfenii, an impressive plant with lovely structure and flowers, bears thousands of seeds that it disperses even while the flowers remain attractive and trick the gardener into leaving them on the plant too long. The plant's caustic sap can cause allergic reactions and harm eyes, so gardeners need to be careful when working around them. Many euphorbias seed freely, and may become a problem as they escape the confines of their gardens.

Thugs and Overachievers in the Garden

It is time to serve out some eviction notices. I’ve been cleaning out the garden, weeding, pruning and mulching as I go along, and making some tough decisions along the way: Who gets to stay, and who’s overstayed their welcome. There was a … read more

Lavender is given the meaning "devotion" yet also symbolizes "distrust" after a Victorian legend that the dangerous Asp that killed Cleopatra hid under a lavender bush.

Florigraphy — The Language of Flowers

When we send someone flowers, they are usually sent to express a sentiment. Wishes of love, sympathies, regrets, new birth and death all get scribbled on the little card tucked into the arrangement. “Those of our time do use the flowers in sallads … read more



Winter Bloomers Give Offseason Interest to Your Garden

Are you looking for some color to liven up the gray winter landscape? By choosing winter-blooming plants, you will get the satisfaction of a few flowers when much of the country is under ice and snow. Some of your choices are available in … read more


Historical Plants of West Sound

West Sound, known as the Kitsap Peninsula and the Great Peninsula, has a rich agricultural and horticultural history. The glaciers left rich earthen deposits behind; the forest duff provided rich tilth and the two combined to make wonderful soils. Just the right amount … read more


Western hawthorn, Crataegus douglasii, is one of the many plants named after David Douglas.

Scientific Names of Plants Demystified

My father, Dean Kelley, was a pharmaceutical representative for a drug company. When he retired, he volunteered his time as a Master Gardener in Pierce County. One time he was complaining to me that the scientific names of plants were hard to learn. … read more


Gardening With Peg

Tips About Easy-Care Houseplants

During these sometimes gray winter months, we can still find plant pleasures indoors. Houseplants are the plants that keep on giving enjoyment all year long, whether it be with foliage or with cheerful and entrancing flowers. Here are a few easy-care, no-fail plants … read more

WSU Kitsap Extension

Community Education Opportunities

Lifelong Learning in the West Sound

Organic Vegetable Gardening Class: Gardens You Can Eat A hands-on class taught by Master Gardeners to help you create your own organic backyard vegetable garden. This course is open to any community member who wishes to learn about growing food crops organically and … read more

Camellia 'Setsugekka' was espeliered and grows next to the entrance of this home.
In The Garden

A Boost of Winter Color and Fragrance

After taking down the Christmas lights and all the bling is gone, January looks cold, dark and gray. Depressing. Does it have to be this way? Not if you plant a garden that looks good even during the coldest days of the year. … read more

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