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Snowdrops (Galanthus ssp.)

Scents and Sensibilities of the Fragrant Winter Garden

“If our sense of smell is sluggish … we shall have missed more than half the ecstasy. We shall have missed, for instance, that winter day in January or February when we step out of the door and suddenly smell the spring.” ~ … read more

Black-capped chickadee

Winter is Birdhouse Time

Winter is the best time to think about birdhouses. The birds are starting to think about where they will nest once spring arrives. Where houses are already in place, it isn’t unusual to see chickadees exploring them in January and February. They may … read more


Frozen Pipes

How to Winterize Your Plumbing

With the temperatures dipping this time of year, now would be a good time to winterize your plumbing. Although the Pacific Northwest is known for mild winter temperatures, there are still a few safety precautions you can take to make sure your pipes … read more

A deep cold frame in the Chanticleer garden in Pennsylvania is very versatile.

Cold Frames, Cloches, Hoophouses

As cold weather arrives, gardeners’ thoughts turn to the best approaches of protecting their overwintering crops and tender ornamentals. Simple structures can benefit gardens year round. The Winter Garden What a treat it is to venture out into the garden in the coldest … read more


Start Your Winter-Blooming Garden

Color in the garden does not have to end when the skies turn gray and rainy. Some gardeners even like the challenge of having something blooming or showing color 12 months a year. Here are three very reliable plants that can get you … read more


Car Maintenance

Car Care Tips to Get Ready for Winter

Conducting routine maintenance on your vehicle is necessary to maintain optimal performance and prevent costly repairs. As colder weather approaches, and with it the potential for treacherous road conditions, giving certain areas of your car special attention can also protect your safety. “Getting … read more


Spring Maintenance

Tips for Spring Spruce-ups and Maintenance for Your Home

After a wet Washington winter, there are plenty of tasks to do to keep things in order around your home. A little routine maintenance will protect your investment and prevent more serious issues down the line. Here’s a checklist for things you should … read more

Winter Warmers

Winter Warmers

Winter brings shorter days, longer nights and lower temperatures. There are few things more comforting than coming in from the cold to a house filled with the intoxicating smells of homemade bread and a pot of soup. The beauty of most soups and … read more



Winter Bloomers Give Offseason Interest to Your Garden

Are you looking for some color to liven up the gray winter landscape? By choosing winter-blooming plants, you will get the satisfaction of a few flowers when much of the country is under ice and snow. Some of your choices are available in … read more

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