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Green living: Recycling Options Exist Outside the Blue Bin

With the changing of seasons, often comes some cleanup around the house. Perhaps you have a large amount of yard debris, a lawnmower that has “kicked the bucket,” some leftover lawn fertilizer that you don’t want to keep through the winter, or — … read more


Green Living

Recycle Fluorescent, CFL and HID Lights for Free

West Sound residents and businesses can now recycle fluorescent lights and other mercury-containing lights at no charge as part of a state product-stewardship program called LightRecycle Washington. Throwing away mercury-containing lights in the garbage is illegal, as the mercury accumulates in the environment … read more


Plastic Pots

Give Second Life to Old Plant Pots

Take them back from whence they came

Now that the gardening season is in full swing, after a productive planting session, do you find yourself with an abundance of extra plant pots? Whatever you do, don’t throw them in your recycling bin! Plant pots are often too dirty to recycle, … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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