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Harbor Family Park

Harbor Family Park — Land Saved for Future Generations

Through efforts led by Gig Harbor citizen-activist Vern Young and a few other community visionaries, a 19-acre forested site was saved from becoming a housing development so that the community, as well as future generations, will have a wonderful park. Young, who died … read more

Fort Worden

Fort Worden Becomes Lifelong Learning Center

Fort Worden State Park has been a longtime destination for both recreation and events. Among the many favorite parts of the park are the historic officers’ row homes, a wonderful place for overnight stays. Even Richard Gere got to enjoy the park when … read more

Poulsbo Fish Park

Poulsbo’s Fish Park — A Study in Community Leadership

In my 25 years of public life, I have come to believe that community leadership is the key to a good community. Leaders create positive change. This was proven true again in 2002, when a very small group of civic leaders decided to … read more

Port Gamble's Kitsap Forest and Bay Project

Port Gamble’s Kitsap Forest and Bay Project

Historic Port Gamble, a quaint New England-style village perched above Port Gamble Bay and Hood Canal, has become a lynchpin for an exciting, innovative and collaborative trail and open space initiative. A rare, visionary opportunity has been presented to existing and future generations … read more

The Waypoint on Bainbridge Island
Local Projects

The Waypoint on Bainbridge Island

Welcome to a series of articles we will write on unique, innovative and creative park and public space projects in West Puget Sound that contribute to our community in terms of quality of life. We hope to identify the community leadership, the project’s … read more


Northwest Park Trail

Help Decide the Future of Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park

Planning for the stewardship of Kitsap County’s shoreline block of 535 acres in Port Gamble will be discussed in public workshops that get underway at the end of March. The county’s Parks Department acquired the property, named the Port Gamble Forest Heritage Park, … read more

Pony Up Rescue for Equines
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