Part 3

Remodeling Trends: Public Spaces

LivingroomOften people are looking to update the public spaces or entertaining areas of their home. This can include living rooms, dining rooms, family rooms, home theatres, powder rooms and outdoor spaces like decks or outdoor kitchens.

Living, family and dining rooms are pretty straightforward. Many homes had “sunken” formal rooms and we do a lot of floor-raising work to make one large level floor area.

Double-sided fireplaces that are shared between rooms are popular, or a three-sided peninsula fireplace. Rock and stone are still popular materials for fireplace surrounds and ceramic tile flooring that looks like hardwood has been very big, but hardwood flooring is still very popular in the main living areas.

TVs are often recessed into the walls to fit a specific model or size, and faux woods beams have been a hit with homeowners. They look massive, heavy and time worn, but are made of polystyrene foam and other super-lightweight materials.

Home theatres don’t have to be massive to be fun. Blackout window treatments allow for daytime views and alternate uses. Semi-custom cabinetry is an option for components that allow the entire shelf to roll out to make access to connections easy. A small bar with a sink and beverage refrigerator and microwave for snacks add convenience.

Powder rooms are the place to go a little crazy. Make this a fun, bright room with memorable accents. Wallpaper is making a big comeback and while most clients are not brave enough to embrace it, it can be a beautiful statement that is cost-effective.

Furniture-style vanities are still popular and pedestal sinks in smaller baths look great and make sense.

This is part three of a three part series on remodeling trends.
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