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Choosing the Right Flooring for Your Home

If you have spaces that could use new floor coverings, you have a lot of choices. Before you make a decision, consider the possibilities — and the people and pets living in your home. Carpet: It’s soft underfoot and looks nice, while also … read more



Design Basics, Part 1: Floors

(An incomplete list of choices to be made...

Interior design choices can be overwhelming, especially with so many choices on the market. To help you along in the process, here are some basic tips for your floors. Read part 2 of this article on Friday for more tips for the walls … read more

Polished concrete floor — Design by Linda Evans, CKD, CBD, CAPS
Tread on Me

Selecting the Right Flooring For Your Lifestyle and Budget

After a fresh coat of paint, the second best way to quickly transform a room is with new flooring. Stunned by today’s residential flooring options? You are not alone. So many choices, so many colors and textures too. It is easy to get … read more


Carpet Pads

Replacing Your Carpet? Don’t Forget the Carpet Pad

A client is having new carpet installed in the living room, and was told by the salesperson that the pad — which is 10 years old — needs to be replaced. The client questioned whether that’s really necessary. If you’re replacing your carpet, … read more

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