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15-Minute Weeknight Pasta

Recipes for Feta Roasted Salmon and Tomatoes, 15-Minute Weeknight Pasta

Setting out on a mission to eat healthier starts with creating goals and working to achieve them with those you love. To help make nutritious eating more manageable, call together your family and work with one another to create a menu everyone can … read more



Thinking of Going Vegan? Here’s How to Get Started

Following a vegan diet doesn’t just reduce one’s impact on the environment, it’s associated with a range of health benefits, making it no surprise that a plant-based food movement is on the rise. “With more than 100,000 internet searches per month for ‘vegan … read more


portable air condiitioning

Purchasing a Portable AC? Keep These Tips in Mind

If you’re planning to buy a portable AC unit to beat the summer heat, you may want to do a little homework to avoid enticing promises and clever marketing tactics that don’t deliver. Here’s how to be a savvy shopper: Ratings: Be aware … read more


Grilled Sweet Potato and Blueberry Salad

Recipe for Grilled Sweet Potato and Blueberry Salad

Get out of the kitchen and head outdoors this summer for fresh, delicious meals that call for lighting the grill and relaxing in the warmth of the season. Take some of your favorite courses — like salads, for instance — to the next … read more


plumbing repairs

Plumbing the Most Common Home Repair in Washington

39% of homeowners put off home repairs due...

Owning a home comes with many advantages: and a space to call your own no annoying landlords, but the responsibility of maintaining a home can quickly become overwhelming when unexpected repairs arise. A recent survey of Americans across the country by All Star … read more


Vegan Brownies

Recipes for Vegan Brownies with a Sweet, Simple Sugar Swap

The next time a healthy conscience keeps you from enjoying that sweet treat you’re craving, remember that making healthy swaps is all it takes to make those favorite desserts a little better for you. These vegan brownies, for example, are perfect for chocolate … read more


Cat grass kits are easy to grow and provide fresh, healthy wheatgrass, oat grass and ryegrass for cats to nibble on instead of your plants. (Photo courtesy of True Leaf Market)

Keep Your Houseplants Safe from Cats

Growing houseplants when curious cats are in the house can be challenging. We want our cats to be safe and happy while keeping our houseplants intact. You can accomplish both with a few simple strategies. Boost indoor gardening success by selecting plants suited to … read more


Yellowfin Tuna and Artichoke Pasta

Recipe for Yellowfin Tuna and Artichoke Pasta

If you and your loved ones yearn for new, stimulating experiences to feel connected to the outdoors, look no further than enjoying mealtime al fresco. Inspired by the Mediterranean tradition of “eating in the open air,” al fresco dining offers passionate home cooks … read more


peach pie

Recipe for Fresh Peach Pie

From the hearty and warm flavors of winter to the bold, rich and bright flavors of summer, herbs and spices are not only a delicious and better-for-you addition to any dish, they can transform it into unforgettable memories. June 10 is National Herbs … read more

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