Industry Update

Seeking a New Career? Consider the Skilled Trades

Skilled TradesWorking in the skilled trades is not simply another job. Professional craftsmen in the residential construction industry help build communities and are compensated well for their expertise. Beyond the financial benefits, individuals working in this industry contribute to the happiness and stability of families in our community by helping to fulfill the American dream.

Builder Grant Program

The Kitsap Building Association Builder Grant Program is designed for youth 18-24 years of age. This program provides internship opportunities in the home construction industry, focusing on carpentry, electrical, plumbing, painting and coating, and HVAC. Selectees are teamed up with a trade mentor, working full time over a six-week paid period to gain education and experience in their designated field. The majority of men and women stay with the company and love the trade.

Jobs in High Demand

The residential construction industry is facing a labor shortage. Careers in construction offer competitive compensation. For example, electricians and plumbers make more than $60,000 annually. And as you move up the career ladder, such as becoming a crew leader or foreman, your wages will increase.

Sense of Accomplishment

Skilled trade professionals enjoy tangible and intangible benefits. As a craftsman, you are building something that future generations will enjoy. In addition, members of the residential construction community are satisfied knowing that their work helps strengthen their community, which few other industries can offer. All of these benefits bring a sense of fulfillment in a well-done job.

Go to and complete the Builder Grant Program application.

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