Design Trends in 2024

Advice from West Sound Design Experts

Design Trends 2024Every year, we gather our panel of design experts to discuss some of the hottest design trends.

In 2024, expect to see natural-looking finishes, natural materials like wood, and more recycled and upcycled choices for the environmentally conscious. Comfort is the key for families. A “must-have” is gathering areas, where you can meet and converse — integrated living spaces that allow you to socialize comfortably.

As any good designer will tell you, trends come and go. The best advice for creating a timeless look is to choose based on quality, your personality and your lifestyle.

We’ve asked 11 designers to weigh in on what new and returning trends they are seeing, and to share some advice on how to use these trends for fresh design ideas.

Alinda MorrisAlinda Morris

Alinda Morris Interior Design, LLC
Gig Harbor • 253-579-8431

Alinda Morris is a nationally published, award-winning interior design professional, habitual remodeler, adventurous creative, entrepreneur, wife and mom, specializing in full service, luxury residential interior design: Custom furnishings, unique kitchens and artfully designed bathrooms, attention to details, and clean, updated spaces are her specialties. She has the experience, education and talent to provide interior styling that includes furniture procurement and installation. She also offers thoughtful space planning, detailed floor plans, elevations, sketches, finish selections, cabinet drawings and furnishings to take your remodeling project from beginning to magazine-ready completion.

Design Trends 2024 (Photo courtesy Matthew Witschonke)
(Photo courtesy Matthew Witschonke)

Trend predictions are important because they can dictate what is available to the homeowners. If you are not familiar with your own style and the architectural style of your space, you can get caught up and lose sight of the long-term opportunity to create something that will age well. I love observing interior design trends, but when I am designing a space, I like to focus on functionality, timeless elements and quality. These things never go out of style if done right.

Colors: We are collectively craving color. We’ve been too neutral for too long. We are seeing rich, bold colors as well as dark and moody hues and jewel tones layered in with warmer wood tones.

Design Trends 2024 (Photo courtesy Matthew Witschonke)
(Photo courtesy Matthew Witschonke)

Blue is still the standout color, but at High Point Market this past fall, green was everywhere. Green is a color associated with nature. It’s versatile, fresh and modern. It’s easy to incorporate into your interior paint scheme, upholstery, or kitchen and bathroom cabinets or tile.

Design Trends 2024 (Photo courtesy Nate Grave In Gear Media)
(Photo courtesy Nate Grave In Gear Media)

Countersurfaces: Engineered stone, sometimes called quartz, will remain popular for its durability, uniformity and easy maintenance. But engineered quartz is less heat-resistant than natural stone and cannot be used for outside applications. While many engineered stone countertops mimic the look of natural stone, they do not have the same depth and variation.

We are using quite a bit of natural stone on projects. Quartzite is a natural stone that is as beautiful as marble, yet harder than granite. Quartzite countertops are more expensive than granite and quartz ones.

Design Trends 2024 (Photo courtesy Matthew Witschonke)
(Photo courtesy Matthew Witschonke)

New kitchen features: We are recommending warmer finishes and wood tones with contrasted textures and materials. We love natural wood grain on walls, kitchen islands and bathroom vanities. We will see more fluted texture and details and arches in 2024.

Also popular are elevated coffee stations and beverage stations with built-in coffee makers, multifunction wet bars and smoothie stations with room to store glassware in the cabinets. Other recommended features are statement lighting, a butler’s pantry as an extension of the kitchen and decorative range hoods in interesting shapes and clad with stone or metal.

Fabrics: High-performance fabrics work great in high-traffic areas. We use them quite a bit because we love creating amazing (kid- and pet-friendly) spaces. These fabrics are soft and cozy and have interesting textures, but can also be resistant to stains, mold and mildew, and are easy to clean. Keep in mind that not all performance fabric is created equally.

Floor coverings: Wide-plank engineered wood and luxury vinyl tile are the most recommended.

Furniture: In response to the hyperminimalism trends of the past few years, we are seeing soft curves and interesting details.

Design Trends 2024 (Photo courtesy Wynne Earl)
(Photo courtesy Wynne Earl)

Lighting: Lighting is an opportunity on any design project. A fun feature we are seeing is large-scale, statement lighting. Also natural materials like woven rattan shades, mixed metals and integrated LED lighting. We can completely transform a space by updating the lighting.

Window treatments: We recommend simple, understated and functional. We incorporate motorized shades in a lot of projects. Recently, we completed a new construction project that integrated window treatments into the interior walls of the home so the motorized shades disappear seamlessly into the walls when not in use.

Green options: The biggest design trends we will see this year will heavily involve reducing consumption of nonrenewable resources, minimizing waste and creating healthy and natural interior environments.

Homeowners have more options than ever in sustainable surface materials. There are recycled and postconsumer-recycled content in tile and engineered stone countertops. Water-based paints and stains have replaced oil-based products.

Natural materials: We are seeing natural materials from cane furniture, rattan, woven grasses in wall coverings.

Advice to homeowners: Design options are endless. This can be very overwhelming. Set up some rules for yourself for design aesthetic, budget and color. Don’t be afraid to bring in a professional.

Have fun with trends, surround yourself with furnishings that you enjoy and try not to take it too seriously.

Connie LaMontConnie LaMont

LaMont Design, Inc.
Poulsbo • 360-779-7227

Connie LaMont has been an interior designer and colorist in the Pacific Northwest since 1993. She holds a bachelor’s degree in arts from the University of California in Irvine and a second bachelor’s from the Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, Calif. LaMont and her architect husband, Wayne, own LaMont Design Inc. in Poulsbo. Some of their joint projects include Austin Towers in Poulsbo and Elkhorn Place in Sequim.

Design Trends 2024As the saying goes, opposites attract, and that’s what I see for 2024 trends. Maximalism meets minimalism. Less is more, unless more is better. I see an easy merging of vintage farmhouse meeting modern midcentury design.

Colors: White and gray will step back in the near future and will quickly be replaced with warm, inviting and sometimes bold colors. Nature has always influenced my design philosophy with its earthy browns, sandy tones, forest greens and deep ocean blues. Lately, I’ve been bringing in more warm linen tones as my neutral base, with pops of deep navy blues and strong mossy greens for cabinetry, wallpaper coverings, tiles and bedding — and pairing them with rich wood tones in furniture and countertops.

Design Trends 2024Countersurfaces: Quartz and solid slabs of granite are still in the forefront of most kitchen and bathroom designs. They are beautiful and durable, so I don’t see them going anywhere. But I love solid wood countertops in butler’s pantries, offices and kitchen islands.

New kitchen features: With any home, but especially in homes with “open plans” where the kitchen and great room are just that — open — I have always loved creating butler’s pantries for my clients, even when they didn’t think they wanted one. I love that you not only have a walk-in pantry for your food goods, but a place where a lot of the prep work happens and the mess can be closed off. Often times, I will bring in a second kitchen sink (not just a prep sink), a separate wall oven and a small dishwasher drawer into the butler’s pantry. This space can also become a wet bar area and the small dishwasher drawer can be used as an ice bucket to keep beverages cold and accessible to guests.

Design Trends 2024Fabrics: Performance fabrics came into play a few years back and they keep getting better. The designs are becoming more diverse each year, with larger-scale designs as well as beautiful textures to choose from.

Floor coverings: Luxury vinyl plank, or LVP, has been my favorite for years, and manufacturers keep expanding their design elements to offer larger-scale patterns, which excites me. I love the idea of heated floors throughout a home and have started installing porcelain tiles that look like wood, since it’s not recommended to have heat underneath hardwood flooring.

Furniture: Quality furnishing is popular, period. Whites and grays are leaving the forefront, allowing us to bring supple leathers and richer upholstered colors back into home design. For example, murky green velvet sofas with natural linen side chairs and heavy black lacquered coffee tables with touches of luxe gold metal light fixtures bring those “opposites” together and help create the warm, inviting home we all crave.

Lighting: Statement pieces are trendy. I love the pairing of metals, like matte black with luxe gold finishes. I also love large-scale geometry with great-room chandeliers, which I call functional art.

Window treatments: This is where you can lean toward minimalism with something simple like textured roller shades. Or you can make a statement with your maximalism way of life. Some people feel very comfortable with layers, while others only see disorder.

Advice to homeowners: You may have already taken a smart first-step approach by buying this magazine and reading through this trends article. There might also be articles about the work that local interior designers have done for someone. If you’re drawn to their work, reach out to them. Or ask your friends if they have used an interior designer and get their number from them. Seeing a well-put-together interior for yourself, whether it’s in a magazine article or in someone’s home, speaks multitudes. Explore ideas that are different from what you’ve been told you’re supposed to do, and have fun!

Natalie ShawNatalie Collins

Kitsap Kitchen & Bath Co.
Poulsbo • 360-697-5616

Natalie Collins was born and raised on Bainbridge Island and has known her path in the kitchen and bath industry from a very young age. Growing up on jobsites with her father, Jim Collins, who was a custom home builder in the Kitsap area, made her fall in love with not only the beautiful finished products, but every phase of the project and everyone involved to make the client’s dreams become a reality. Shaw has been working at Kitsap Kitchen & Bath Co., her family business, since 2015 and is the company’s lead designer. Whether the project is big or small, balancing aesthetically pleasing elements with functionality is the key to good design. Her style stems around timeless design, creating a look that will last decades. Her goal is to provide each and every one of her clients with an experience that is comfortable, energizing and ultimately a newfound love for their home.

Design Trends 2024Colors: There is always the need for the light, bright and airy neutrals — you just can’t go wrong here. However, the “moody” vibes are very strong in the design world, focusing on dark, deep, rich tones.

Countersurfaces: Quartz always seems to dominate the countertop industry with its beauty and durability. My go-to is Cambria quartz, made here in America with well over 100 different design options to choose from.

With that being said, there are also some gorgeous porcelain slabs that capture a tremendous amount of depth you hope to see when emulating the look of natural stone. Porcelain is a wonderful option for outdoor kitchen spaces due to its durability in the elements. I also love to use porcelain slabs in the bathroom as shower walls. A perfect option for those who want a statement and less maintenance.

Design Trends 2024Design Trends 2024New kitchen features: The kitchen is the heart of the home and not only does it need to be a comfortable space, but it also needs to function. We’re seeing a lot of color being played with in both the cabinetry and backsplashes, which is refreshing climbing out of the last five years or so where everything seemed to be white and gray. (We have enough gray around these parts with our long winter months, am I right?)

Homeowners are starting to have some real fun expressing themselves in their homes are not afraid to take the leap to add that splash of colorful detail. There is also a need to utilize every inch possible, meaning accessories galore and no room for “dead space.” As a designer, I have a lot of fun incorporating accessories into the layout of my clients’ kitchens; the possibilities are almost endless.

Design Trends 2024Floor coverings: Large-format porcelain tiles allow for less grout lines to deal with and help expand the space. Luxury vinyl continues to impress me with its cost effectiveness, durability and styling — rated for wet locations. And, of course, hardwood (engineered and solid) in wide planks with a rustic charm adds warmth.

Lighting: Lots of layering with light, always. This is the use of ambient, accent and task lighting to create the best quality of lighting in any space. When it comes to fixtures in the marketplace, there is a wide spectrum depending on design style. This is an area where you as the homeowner can really make a statement or select options that may not stand out quite as much. The beauty is, your space can be designed to perfectly match your needs and styling with the array of options we are blessed with today in the industry.

Finishes: Matte black is still here to stay. I’m loving the mixture of matte black and the vibrant brushed gold combinations in lighting and plumbing fixtures. Such a rich pairing.

Design Trends 2024Windows and doors: Barn doors have continued to stick around; however, I’ve seen an increase in different patterns, materials and hardware choices available. You can almost treat a barn door like a movable piece of art. Recently, I have also seen charming Dutch doors make a stunning appearance with wide variety of options available. Rustica Hardware really impresses me and I love that it’s an American-made company, right over in Utah.

Green options: The major manufacturers are implementing and adhering to green procedures and guidelines in their business process. This allows trade professionals and consumers to have more options available with “thinking green” in mind.

Advice to homeowners: Always contact your local National Kitchen & Bath Association chapter or Home Builders Association. There are directories for any professional in the industry you may be seeking. Make sure to do your research and read reviews.

Cate AdamsCate Adams

Arnold’s Home Furnishings
Bremerton • 360-377-5582

Cate Adams has a degree in art and design from the University of London and has worked in London, Paris and Spain. Adams eventually settled in the Pacific Northwest. She currently serves as an interior designer with Arnold’s Home Furnishings. She lives with her husband, Jack, in Silverdale.

It’s a new year and a new season. The Christmas decorations are packed away, the garden looks bare and your living quarters could do with a boost. Where do you begin?

Design Trends 2024You know how the space is used, so rather than set off on a furniture-seeking expedition with preconceived ideas, try to wipe your brain clean! Let’s face it, what you imagined while lying in bed last night probably hasn’t been designed yet.

Rather than going down the path to frustration and disappointment, see what’s out there and build on that. If you find one piece that grabs your attention, even if it’s a coffee table or a lamp, it may dictate an idea for style — industrial, minimalist, midcentury modern? — then you can run with it. A beautiful piece of art you may already own or a sample of patterned fabric may have you dreaming in ways you hadn’t thought of.

Design Trends 2024New styles and colors are always waxing or waning. We’ve seen so much gray in recent years and it’s probably already incorporated into your décor. The beauty of such a neutral is that it gives us a great background to work with. While the 2024 colors vary from paint company to paint company, a common thread is to create a relaxing environment.

Design Trends 2024We still have lots of blues, but they certainly aren’t depressing. They all give a nod — in both their shade and names — to serenity and the outdoors. Examples are “Upward” from Sherwin Williams, “Bay Blue,” “Skipping Stones,” “Blue Bird” and “Renew,” to name a few.

Greens are emerging, dressed in everything from saturated emeralds to dusty, frosted mosses. There are lovely citric tones with lime and lemon, and deep moody pools such as Dutch Boy’s “Ironsides.”

Design Trends 2024One thing we haven’t seen in a while, all the clay tones are making a comeback. Persimmon and terracotta will look fabulous popping out from our grays, blues and browns. Not too much brown, but you know it’s just around the corner. I don’t think many of us are ready for it just yet.

Another surprise is the sultry bruised wines. A pop of Beaujolais looks amazing with soft sky blue or dusky sage.

Motion furniture is making a significant impact, not only in the TV room, but also in what were previously the more formal areas of your home. These seemingly ordinary pieces have gone beyond the restrictions of traditional furniture. They invite us to discover a fresh level of comfort and ease.

Design Trends 2024The Norwegian-made Stressless chairs are a perfect example of this. They may look contemporary in style, yet they fit any mode of décor. Stressless is one of the many companies that have introduced a profile that doesn’t fit the idea we have of recliners. Its power sofa, loveseats and chairs are much more streamlined with hidden motors and controls. You don’t have to deal with the big, overstuffed look of past years to achieve maximum comfort.

Curves, curves, curves. All the new introductions seem to have curves. Sofas, lamps, chairs and tables, all with curves. These curves even extend to patterned fabrics. We don’t see too many geometrics, but animal prints continue to make a statement.

There are many terrific fabrics to suit every taste. Gone are the days when we had to worry about how the covers would wear. Nowadays, the vast majority of furniture-grade fabric is polyester. The new “super” material will shrug off spills and stains and, according to the manufacturers, can even be cleaned with bleach water.

Design Trends 2024Lush, plush velvets (also in forgiving polyester) are making a dramatic comeback. They are beautifully suited to saturated bold color and can make a warm, cozy statement. Metals of brushed brass or black still prevail, but wood tones are left to the buyers’ taste and discretion. Just as Mother Nature uses everything from ash to zebra wood, so can we.

Have fun with your decorating, but if you doubt yourself or have concerns, consult a professional. It’s less expensive to get it right the first time and be thrilled with the results than to make a mistake and have to live with it.

Kae RosenbergKae Rosenberg

Kae Rosenberg Design
Seattle • 707-495-5292

Kae Rosenberg Design & Consulting collaborates with clients, combining interior design and interior architecture to synthesize beauty and functionality into each project. It is always a bespoken reflection of its occupant. Rosenberg is a member of the local chapter of NKBA.

Design Trends 2024In the kitchen, 2024 is a continuation of organic transitional design, including the use of natural materials such as wood and stone, giving the home a new sense of authenticity. They are paired with sustainability and easy-to-use, cutting-edge technology such as voice-controlled appliances that have audio and visual features, and temperature and lighting controls. Consumers are more educated about the importance of sustainability and quality in their purchases.

High-end appliances and fixtures once considered luxury items are becoming the norm. Clients are willing to pay more for quality, appliance longevity and cutting-edge technology. Some are even adding built-in composters and small, portable garden kits to their lists of necessities.

Design Trends 2024Bathrooms are larger and more spa-like. Here again, many features that were considered luxury items are now standards for wellness. Requests for larger bathrooms, steam showers with seating and occasionally, if space exists, a sauna.

Shower systems with multiple options are standard. Fans with Wi-Fi are now common and overhead lighting with decorative pendants and chandeliers above free-standing tubs are all part of the scope of design for 2024. Vanities are streamlined and equipped with back-lit mirrors instead of wall lighting. Stone countertops are a given, with quartz being the most sought after.

Design Trends 2024Additionally, with so many people working from home, the home becomes a place of dual purposes. As a result, there’s a need for a place within the home — a sort of “escape” or meditation area or room where occupants can take a break from the multiple and constant stimuli bombarding them. This area is becoming more and more important as our lives continue to become more complex.

Colors: I see a continuation of nature-oriented, neutral colors. White is still popular; however, warm earth tones, such as greens, blues and wood tones, are on the rise. Blue has been popular for the past several years, but greens are starting to take precedent. Wood-faced cabinets are also returning to popularity. These warm, earthy tones are setting the stage and support the idea of home as a refuge to escape from the multitude of stressors that we face daily.

Design Trends 2024Wellness is an important part of today’s vocabulary and a key design trend. This use of color impacts our moods and the colors in nature tend to support a harmonious atmosphere.

Floor coverings: Manufactured wood flooring is growing in popularity because of its durability and easy-to-maintain finish. The majority is manufactured to Forest Sustainability Council (FSC) standards. (FSC refers to growers who adhere to strict environmental, social and economic standards.) Hardwood is still being requested, but because of the reasons above, manufactured flooring is taking the lead.

Design Trends 2024In common areas (living and dining rooms), paired with wood flooring are area rugs in natural materials, such as wool, cotton and a variety of grasses. Many of them are made with natural dyes. Not only are they popular for their design and color qualities, they also help with sound reduction.

Fabrics: Fabrics are lush and made from sustainable, easy-care materials. Contrasting piping and trims are evident, but used with a lighter hand to keep the look clean and contemporary.

Furnishings: Authenticity of design is key for 2024. While there are always fads in interior design, this year, it’s important that your home speaks to you. Interior design for 2024 is more streamlined with minimal accessories of quality that are chosen by the occupants as a reflection of their life’s experience — rather than layered with impersonal purchases from big-box stores. Clients are also adding recycled and preloved pieces to their environment.

Lighting: Many homeowners are enlarging their window space to add more natural light and take in the surrounding views. Interior lighting is still large in size, and keeping with the organic trend, shades of woven grasses, woods, glasses and metal are in the forefront of interior lighting design.

The overall goal this year is to design interiors that reflect the occupants and provide a sense of presence, relaxation and wellness to their homes.

Janet WeberJanet Weber

Janet Weber Interior Design
Poulsbo • 360-626-4484

Janet Weber owns and operates her own interior design business with the goal of creating atmospheres that are unique and well-suited to each client’s values, lifestyle and personality. She assists clients in realizing the vision for their homes and commercial spaces by guiding them through each phase of the design process, from the initial space planning to the final selection and placement of accessories. Weber received her bachelor of arts degree from Washington State University and has been working in the industry since 1986. Her professional involvements include Design on Broadway in Everett, Markie Nelson Interior Design in Seattle and Fine Home on Bainbridge Island.

Photos courtesy Adam Hoppenyan

Design Trends 2024The ’70s are back. High ceilings, big windows, spacious entries, floating staircases and built-in seating are all back in style. The Scandinavian style is prevalent and has many similar elements to the ’70s style, including simplicity, function and the connection to nature, minimalistic style, wood floors, neutrals, warm woods and subtle curves. Uncluttered spaces are the norm.

Colors: Blue is in the forefront of design for 2024. Several manufacturers have selected variations of blue as their color of the year. Additionally, pinks and reds will be popular and reflect our love of everything “Barbie.” Lustrous yellows and oranges are coming on strong, which is in reference to the ’70s trend.

Design Trends 2024Countersurfaces: Quartz countertops are still the most popular and best price for slab options. There are hundreds of options for colors and finishes to pick from.

The ultracompact countertops, also known as sintered stones, are a very tough surface with zero porosity. They come in a large variety of designs, colors and finishes.

New kitchen features: The kitchen island is still an integral part of the kitchen design and a focal point, but has become larger and has more storage and electronic features like charging stations. It is often a different color than the rest of the cabinetry and sometimes has a different countertop.

That being said, a new trend is to remove the island and replace it with a large dining table. This is not a new concept, as the “farm table” has been around forever, but it is a new direction.

Fabrics: Checks, stripes and ruffles are coming on strong. Inspired florals and candy stripes are also coming back. Corduroy and denim are popular and velvet is still desirable, along with textural fabrics.

Floor coverings: While luxury vinyl plank is still the top flooring choice for many homes, authentic wood is making a big comeback for 2024. Authentic wood is timeless and never goes out of style.

Luxury vinyl plank, real hardwood and wood-look laminate flooring are all trending away from the gray family. The whitewashed or bleached look flooring is definitely in. This look is in keeping with the hot Scandinavian style. Natural colors and earth tones are the way to go.

Carpet is still the most purchased flooring material, and it’s trending toward sustainable materials like jute, bamboo silk, recycled plastic and reclaimed wool.

Furniture: Modular sofas are coming back in style as a versatile option. Window seats with storage as well as built-in seating are making a resurgence as a reflection of the ’70s style. Also inspired by the ’70s is lacquered furniture, which seems to be making a comeback.

Lighting: Some of the trends I’m seeing:

  • Nature-inspired lighting including organic shapes.
  • Rattan shades, wooden chandeliers and the leaf motif.
  • Upcycled and recycled materials made into unique light fixtures.
  • Chandeliers used over coffee tables in the living room.

Finishes: Brick and glazed brick are really having a moment. I am so drawn to the brick-look tiles and the actual brick tiles. I especially love the glazed brick that has the beautiful texture highlighted by the glazing.

Windows and doors: While white windows are still the most popular option, black windows are right behind them. Both are timeless and can work with many different styles and colors.

Smart windows are becoming a new staple. They have automatic tinting and climate control and can turn opaque with a switch or a remote.

The hiding door is a new element. You paint the door and trim the same color as the wall so it “disappears.”

Window treatments: If possible, I like to leave windows uncovered. If not, simplistic window coverings are my favorite. Simple pull shades or roman shade do the trick. Cotton drapes in neutral colors are also quite nice. Remote control on blinds is the way to go, but it is expensive.

New green options: TorZo Surfaces, based in Oregon, produces infused, wood-based acrylic panels that are 10 times tougher than wood.

PaperStone is a great-looking, GREENGUARD certified paper product made in Hoquiam, Washington, from 100% recycled paper with nonpetroleum resin and is used for countertops.

Fireclay tile also produces handmade tile in Washington state. The natural-press products have zero waste and are a direct-to-consumer product.

Advice to homeowners: Let your home reflect your personality and likes. Be true to yourself and trust your vision to create a space specifically for you and not for everyone else. If you are unsure, contact an interior designer to guide you through the process and keep you on the right track.

Bethany ReillyBethany Reilly

Bethany Reilly Interior Design
Indianola • 360-908-5519

Bethany Reilly graduated from CIDA-accredited Bellevue College and started her career specializing in dental office design. She eventually moved to Kitsap County and founded Bethany Reilly Interior Design in 2003.

Reilly strongly believes in the importance of creating a space for her clients that is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional. She prides herself on being an integral part of the process by staying involved with vendors, subcontractors and the client every step of the way. She continues to expand her expertise by regularly attending webinars, product launches and trade shows and is a member of the Olympic-West Sound NKBA chapter.

Photos courtesy Zander Grey

Design Trends 2024Many homeowners are prioritizing comfort in their homes, sometimes over aesthetics. There is still a trend for outdoor kitchens and spa-like retreats in backyards to expand the living space. If space allows, dog wash stations remain a consistent trend.

Colors: Colors and textures for 2024 continue to be influenced by nature, with warm tones taking the lead in tile and cabinetry. A mix of wood and painted cabinetry is highly sought after.

Countersurfaces: Natural stone is making a significant impact in both residential and commercial spaces. Homeowners and business owners are embracing the challenge of caring for and preserving the natural beauty of marble, quartzite and granite.

Design Trends 2024New kitchen features: Inset cabinet faces with beaded door and drawer fronts are increasingly requested. If space allows, back-pantries prove to be a valuable investment in any home, particularly for holiday overflow and less-frequent cooking and storage.

Fabrics: Lots of texture-on-texture is at the forefront. Interior design often follows fashion trends, so looking here is ideal if you want to stay current and relevant.

Floor coverings: Engineered wood flooring remains highly sought after, but many homeowners are now opting for ceramic or porcelain tile with in-floor heating for their bathrooms and pantries.

Furniture: Modern, chunky curves and vintage furnishings are both in demand. Millennials are increasingly investing in creating eclectic and personalized homes.

Lighting: Big and bold light fixtures continue to be popular. Layered lighting remains a major design feature in homes and offices. Backlighting is an emerging trend that makes a significant impact on interior and exterior spaces.

Design Trends 2024Finishes: Polished nickel is extremely popular due to its high shine and warmer tone, which complements a wide range of design styles.

Windows and doors: Paneled windows and doors are commonly requested for the interest they bring to both the interior and exterior. In more modern homes, floor-to-ceiling windows and operable window walls are gaining popularity.

Window treatments: Layering is a continuing trend, combining natural window shades with fabric window panels to create a soft look and offer flexibility in controlling light and privacy.

Green options: Appliance manufacturers are continually introducing green features. Homeowners are increasingly aware of the importance of eco-friendly living, and this can be achieved through energy-efficient lighting and Energy Star certified appliances. Smart home features are also a wise investment, helping to save on electricity when homeowners are away.

Natural materials: Wood paneling on both ceilings and walls is a feature on the rise. Using this natural material adds interest, but also helps with acoustics, making it an appealing option when budget allows.

Advice to homeowners: Always seek recommendations from trusted sources, whether it’s your neighbors, coworkers or reliable trade resources. In a small community, referrals go a long way.

Stefanie Brooks
(Photo courtesy Denise Knudson)

Stefanie Brooks

SB Interior Design
Tacoma • 253-225-6545

With a keen eye for design, thoughtful attention to detail and fabulous style, Stefanie Brooks brings creativity and enthusiasm that enhances your design experience. In her 14-year career, she has served as lead designer or team player on a wide variety of projects, from custom homes and remodels for kitchens, baths, whole houses and commercial projects, to providing many homes in Western Washington with carefully selected furnishings and adornments. Brooks strongly believes that the most essential hallmarks of a designer are impeccable communication skills and the ability to be a great listener. She truly heeds her clients’ preferences and concerns throughout the entire design process. Brooks’ commitment to community is reflected in her many business relationships and active involvement with the Master Builders Association, Remodelers Council and Design Professionals Council.

Design Trends 2024 A mix of exterior materials including black windows, concrete panels, cedar shakes, heavy wood beams with metal bolts and brackets
A mix of exterior materials including black windows, concrete panels, cedar shakes, heavy wood beams with metal bolts and brackets

Warm woods and natural colors are on their way back. 2023 reintroduced warmer, earthy tones are desired colors to the trending color palette. Overall trends also include organic movement in furniture pieces and use of natural materials (linens, caning, wool).

Colors: Natural color palettes with warmer, earthy tones. Warm whites, ochre, various shades of earthy browns and deep greens, to name a few.

Countersurfaces: With an abundance of color and pattern options, durability and lower susceptibility to scratching, quartz solid surface continues to be the consumers’ top pick. The quartz manufacturers are a little slow at keeping up with the demand in color trends and still seem to be flooding their display racks with the white marble lookalikes.

Design Trends 2024 Custom built-in shelving, custom furniture and accessories. A nice example of a warm, earthy, neutral palette.
Custom built-in shelving, custom furniture and accessories. A nice example of a warm, earthy, neutral palette.

New kitchen features: While not necessarily new, certain features are more requested and suggested when designing a custom kitchen, such as optimal storage and organization options. Rev-A-Shelf allows us to customize and organize kitchens in a way that clients can feel like they’ve been designed to their specific needs. Steam ovens, integrated appliances, large single-basin kitchen sinks and designated beverage centers are often requested.

Fabrics: The fabrics are chosen for each project specifically based on certain considerations. How will the fabric be used, on a piece of furniture or drapery? What is the durability level for that client’s household? Are we working with a traditional vs. contemporary home? Casual linen or rich velvet make different statements.

With that being said, soft-to-the-touch, textural fabrics in neutral tones tend to be applied to the larger upholstery pieces for longevity, vs. bold patterned, jewel-toned fabrics on the smaller pieces, such as accent chairs and pillows. In the Pacific Northwest, we tend to be less flashy and more practical with our finish material selections, looking for durability and timeless fabrics and finishes.

Floor coverings: Luxury vinyl plank is still a fan favorite in this region, giving homeowners the look of a wood floor and the durability of a high-performance vinyl floor. Prefinished or engineered hardwoods are a fan favorite as well, depending on the homeowners’ situation. Dogs, kids and waterfront or beach location are all factors in deciding the best flooring.

Furniture: Individual seating, four-swivel or club chairs are popular over a sofa in secondary living spaces. Upholstery vs. leather, about 50/50. The durability of leather is appealing, while the warmth of fabric and upholstery is desired.

Lighting: Layered lighting; dimmer switches; disguised, ambient lighting; and large, statement fixtures are popular over islands and entryways.

Design Trends 2024 Pattern play with full-height tile backsplash, bold statement pendant lights and chunky concrete countertop
Pattern play with full-height tile backsplash, bold statement pendant lights and chunky concrete countertop

Finishes: Tile is one of my favorite finish materials to work with. Tile options on the market are endless. With various sizes and shapes, colors and finishes, the tile materials selected and how they are installed really make an impact on the overall design.

Windows and doors: Black windows are still holding strong in the custom projects and have taken over the standard white windows. Interior doors and millwork tend to be simple and less traditional. Fewer ledges to get dusty and less busy in overall appearance.

Window treatments: Again, these are project and client driven. Waterfront homes with views will receive a different type of window treatment than a traditional older home. I am a fan of solar shades on homes with views. Primary bedrooms tend to receive heavy drapery with blackout lining for well-rested sleep.

Natural materials: Not much new in the way of natural materials, but more of the same. Mixed metals, stone, bamboo accents, sisal rugs, rattan and caning on accent chairs and sideboards.

Advice to homeowners: I think the best advice is from the mouths of designers, contractors and past clients who have specified and lived with the materials and products that homeowners may be interested in using in their projects. I will often circle back to my clients, once they have lived with their remodel or new home for a while, and ask how it’s been working for them and if they would’ve done anything differently. If they comment on something, I file that away to share with future clients.

Catherine Shively

Designs By Envision
Gig Harbor • 253-225-3180

As an interior designer, Catherine Shively is passionate about the interior spaces of residential, commercial and even exteriors. Her love of design started as a very young girl and continues today. Being creative and working with clients to see their desire happen is exciting and satisfying. Her background and education is ongoing so she can provide the latest trends and products to her clients.

Many trends come and go but one that circles back is to create an interior that represents the homeowner by personalizing the interior with personal items and collections and colors they like. Homeowners want their home to represent who they are — a unique interior that tells their story.

Design Trends 2024Countersurfaces: Countersurfaces that are simple without a lot of pattern or movement will dominate, along with colors that are light in nature or darker, such as charcoal. The use of manmade composite stones that closely resemble concrete remains popular, typically selected after choosing the flooring and cabinets. This approach allows us to seamlessly blend colors and materials, creating a cohesive aesthetic across the entire space. The demand for durability remains paramount.

New kitchen features: With so many countertop appliances these days, the homeowner needs storage with quick access to use with the cooking experience. Using these countertop appliances should be very accessible with less hassle to retrieve it for meal preparation or appetizers for entertainment.

Design Trends 2024Fabrics: Fabrics with texture and color, especially with a pattern within the fabrics such as patterned velvets, prints and organic, are moving to the forefront. Prints such as floral, checkered or houndstooth bring a personal touch to a space. Keep an eye out for this look in furniture retailers.

Floor coverings: Luxury vinyl is still a popular flooring and will continue to be for many reasons, including low maintenance. Along with this are mosaic designs with color to add as an accent to solid colors in the interiors. You need to be careful where you install mosaic so it works within the space of the home and flows with the rest of the interior, even if you use it as a surround on a fireplace.

Furniture: Ottomans are still a needed piece of furniture for the family or formal living area. They are easy to place in front of the fireplace, use as a side table or move around for extra seating or to rest your feet.

Swivel chairs are trendy and with many of those made today, you can hardly tell they’re swivel chairs. They provide so much more function for social settings between rooms and for a view setting or fireplace enjoyment.

Design Trends 2024Lighting: Dimmers make a significant difference in setting the mood of the room. Plan to install them in key lighting areas such as dining room, kitchen island or entryways.

An existing trend that will continue is the use of natural materials in lighting fixtures. Think rattan, twine, leather, wood and more.

Finishes: Smooth wood finishes in furniture. The rough rustic look is not as popular as it used to be. Darker furniture finish provides a rich look, along with contrast in a room, adding to the style of the interior.

Windows and doors: Doors with windows at the entry are taller and bolder, creating a unique and versatile look while boosting curb appeal. A taller door looks elegant and striking, providing a “modern classic” feel. Entry doors with color are also popular and create an individual touch.

Barn doors continue to be popular and provide versatility in any room. There is such a variety of hardware for barn doors, you can choose from simple and clean to a bold and rustic look.

Window treatments: With a growing emphasis on sustainability, eco-friendly window treatments are set to dominate in 2024. Manufacturers recognize the importance of this trend, offering products made with sustainable practices.

Design Trends 2024Window treatments that enhance both privacy and security aspects are highly sought after. Roller shutters offer not only protection but also peace of mind. Outdoor roller blinds are an excellent option for those who love to spend their time outdoors in privacy.

Natural materials: Natural wood products in furniture are common. Stone, wood, glass, clay, textiles, cork, bamboo and canvas will all have a place as natural products in fabrics, chairs, flooring and furniture. These products provide a natural and organic feeling to the interior of any space. You’ll see more of this in the future.Other natural products are cotton and linen — always a source of comfort.

Advice to homeowners: Hire an interior designer. A professional interior designer can assess the interior of your space, home or plans and guide you through improvements, edit items, discuss how the space will function for everyday living and introduce products. The designer also knows where to look for products and other professionals to enhance your interior.

Tracy CorriveauTracy M. Corriveau

Corriveau Interiors Kitsap
Kingston • 360-860-1052

Tracy M. Corriveau has a bachelor of arts in interior design from Michigan State University, and postgraduate studies in architecture and interior design at the University of London, England. She has over 30 years of experience in both residential and commercial interior design, lighting design, interior design instructor at NW College of Art in Poulsbo, and residential real estate sales in Kingston. She has lived in the North Kitsap area since 1982. Corriveau has certifications with the National Association of Home Builders: CAPS Certified Aging-in-Place Specialist, and CGP Certified Green Professional and is a member of Kitsap Builders Association and National Kitchen & Bath Association. Her focus for award-winning designs is on functionality, safety, accessibility, low-maintenance materials and best practices.

Design Trends 2024Overall trends I’m observing include easy maintenance for materials (such as solid surface or quartz walls in showers for no grout), vinyl plank floors, single-hole faucets, easily accessible kitchen storage accessories, barn or sliding doors with strike features, electric ranges and self-cleaning toilets with bidets.

Colors: More whites.

Countersurfaces: Quartz is dominating.

Design Trends 2024New kitchen features: Touchless trash drawers with foot sensors and ones that include a recycling bin too.

Fabrics: Grasscloth wallpaper is making a comeback. I’ve used it in a guest bath.

Floor coverings: Vinyl plank is the most recommended.

Furniture: Looks like midcentury modern are being featured with a lot of manufacturers.

Lighting: I am seeing more undercabinet lighting panels instead of strips in the marketplace. They cover the whole underside of the cabinet, eliminate shadows and provide more light on the counter. Night light outlets are also trendy.

Finishes: Brushed nickel is prevalent.

Windows and doors: Shaker doors are popular, as are barn doors or sliding doors with strike feature.

Window treatments: I recommend anything motorized. Screens with sun-control shading.

Advice to homeowners: I give the name and contact info of the vendor, contractor, tradesperson or manufacturer I’ve worked with in the past, and let the homeowners ask questions directly.

Nancy FinnesonNancy Finneson

Gig Harbor • 253-973-8442

Nancy Finneson, CKBD, CAPS, CLIPP, Allied ASID is the founder and principal designer of DeMane Design. With a wide range of design aesthetics never conforming to one style, she has a diverse portfolio. She artfully balances client needs, form and color with mixed use of materials and textures to create personal spaces that inspire, entertain and function brilliantly. She is known for her eye for detail and creativity while solving design challenges and embraces an open exchange of ideas through collaboration and communication with her clients.

She has been honored with numerous awards for her designs from the prestigious American Society of Interior Designers (ASID), Design of Excellence from the Master’s Builders Association, and NKBA National Kitchen and Bath Association as a National Award Winner.

After spending many years in the San Francisco Bay area, Finneson now makes her home on the beautiful Puget Sound. Giving back to her community is important to her and one of her favorite projects was creating a room for the YMCA Domestic Violence Shelter in Tacoma. She loves working with people and enriching their lives by helping create spaces that inspire, entertain and function brilliantly.

Design Trends 2024Wellness in the home with accessibility, sustainability and smart home technology are in the lead for what is driving trend directions.

Spa-like features in the primary bathroom are a high priority. We start and end our day there.

Large, walk-in showers for two with steam that have a zero-entry curb, soaking tubs with light therapy, heated floors and towel heaters are examples of the features homeowners are demanding. Lighted mirrors and modern medicine cabinets with power inside for your toothbrush or shaver are desired for the luxury bath. Adjacent is often a customized walk-in closet to complete the primary suite.

Wallpaper is in play this year with its building popularity. We see it in fun, bold, graphic patterns; retro midcentury designs; fanciful murals and textured grass clothes in unconventional hues. Materials have improved and are more durable; we are using it in any room in the home.

Design Trends 2024Colors: We are seeing a lighter color palette; the warm wood tones vibe is taking over grays. White is still very popular; however, soft whites coordinate well with many wood tones.

Countersurfaces: Some favorites are natural stones like quartzite and soapstone with its silky-touch finish. Engineered quartz is maintenance-free, with many choices mimicking stone veining. Dekton, a compressed stone that is averse to stains, scratches and chips, comes in large slabs, making it ideal for a seamless shower wall. Concrete as a unique countertop can be customized and allow for varied textures and colors. No matter what material you use, always try to see a full-size slab for the best representation.

Design Trends 2024New kitchen features: Slab backsplash trends have quartz or stone flanking the wall to the ceiling, matching the countertop for a minimal, elegant design.

An organized pantry is a must-have. It can be floor-to-ceiling cabinetry to hide small appliances and food stocks, or a walk-in room off the kitchen to keep you organized. Open shelves continue to be popular, but homeowners are more aware of the need to keep things tidy.

Other trends include:

  • More (very organized) drawers for items like spices, pots and pans, dishes and glassware.
  • Workstation sinks with useful accessories such as cutting board and strainer.
  • Coffee, beverage and bar centers incorporated as a stable for families large and small.
  • Concealing appliances — it’s aesthetically pleasing to face those with door panels to match the cabinetry, keeping a clean, hidden, minimalist look.

Design Trends 2024Fabrics: High-performance fabrics are durable and used in all areas of the home, such as sofas, benches and chairs. Lush fabrics like velvet in vibrant colors add luxe to any piece of furniture.

Floor coverings: Engineered wood flooring is the most desired flooring this year for good reasons. It’s very stable, durable as a material and easy to clean. Patterns can be beautiful in chevron and herringbone, or elongated wide planks. Floor color tones are trending toward lighter hues.

Design Trends 2024Area rugs can add warmth and anchor a furniture grouping in a room. Statement area rugs can set the tone for the home. They come in natural materials like wool, jute and silks in bold patterns and geometrics in low-pile heights. A high-quality rug is a worthwhile investment. Size matters; make sure the carpet fits the area you want to place it in.

Furniture: A trend we are seeing in furniture is soft lines and curves in sofas, chairs and even tables. Textured fabrics like boucle add warmth and invite you to cozy up in a relaxing chair. Mix things up; a space that looks curated and unique appears natural and very pleasing. Make sure you blend new with old and introduce different styles that complement each other.

Lighting: Choose bold lighting and make it the focus of a room. Organic shapes and mixed metals can be dramatic and add aesthetics or draw attention to certain elements.

Cabinet lighting is used in many ways, such as:

  • Motion sensor technology — open a drawer or cabinet, instant on and off function.
  • Inside cabinet lighting — great for showcasing items.
  • Undercabinet lighting — creates functional task lighting.
  • Floating shelves with integrated LED strips add visual appeal.
  • Toe-kick or overcabinet lighting in any room.

Finishes: Matte finishes in black continue to have a refined look. Mixing metals (two finishes in one space) can have a designer look, but don’t overdo it.

Design Trends 2024Windows and doors: Black-framed windows are a design element that works with classic and modern styles. They can create high contrast with light-colored homes, but also look fabulous with dark hues.

In kitchens, many are forgoing wall cabinets and replacing them with windows. The lost storage is replaced with better, more accessible and organized storage.

Tall and wide doors are in order. Wide, 36-inch door openings are preferred for accessibility and easy flow. Arched doors and doorways are also seeing a comeback in popularity.

Window treatments: Recommendations include window treatments that are easy to clean and operate, such as roller shades. Select from different light filtering levels or block-out options for a bedroom.

Motorization with the ability to raise and lower shades, blinds and drapes through a remote, your phone or tablet is here to stay.

New green options: The industry and consumers are more aware and concerned with keeping an “earth-friendly” profile and have more choices. There is a lot of interest in better ways to heat, cool and ventilate homes. Even though we have many gray days in the Northwest, solar energy options have improved and are more affordable, making it a viable option for energy efficiency.

Natural materials: Accents in rattan and woven grasses are available widely and appear in furniture, lighting and basketry. Unique and handmade natural materials are found in many design elements; look for pieces with history or pieces that have a patina or worn look.

Advice to homeowners: Create a “sense of place” and contemplate how you want to feel when you walk into a space. Consider what excites you — perhaps start with color, then try to incorporate it in small doses throughout your home. Start an idea book online and have fun.

Check with friends, architects or trusted contractors for referrals. Product showrooms are also a great place for referrals, as they know local design professionals in the area and their work. will also list local professionals.

Don’t be afraid to seek assistance (start with a consultation); collaborating with a designer can help make your design dreams come to reality.