Contemporary Thrifting with Amy

The HUB Shop

Soup MugThey were on the floor in an open cardboard box, conspicuously in plain sight at The HUB Shop thrift store in Belfair, located a block or so from the QFC grocery store. The thrift shop was packed that day but no takers, not even a looker. Maybe it was the avocado green that many find repulsive.

Approaching, I soon discovered two things. First, the box was filled with a set of six giant, green, veggie-embossed soup cups and under-plates that appeared to never have been used. Secondly, the tag indicated that the $15 set of vintage oddities had sat there for weeks.

I was puzzled. They weren’t that bad. In fact, I found them to be charming, especially for someone with a certain understanding of the ’70s, when that mud-gold-green color was everywhere and on everything, from carpets to refrigerators.

The rule for “Contemporary Thrifting” articles is that I can’t just pull an item from my kitchen cupboard. It has to be a recent find from a local thrift shop.

“I’m getting these,” I said to the gal at the counter and used my half-off coupon for that month.

Hard to tell from the photo, but these gems are big. A standard cup or mug would have a diameter of about 3 inches. These cups have a diameter of 5 inches, more like a bowl with a handle — hence “soup bowl,” which is a popular item these days for casual dining or walk-around eating.

These were made in Japan. This embossed, olive-green vegetable design is similar to other vintage dishes, but not quite like these, which seem to be an earlier endeavor. Of the six cups, each handle was off-center, slightly crooked, and there were many small glazing flaws.

Here’s a funny kicker. Had company one day and dinner time caught up with us, so I thought, “A green theme.” Husband Earl went to CJ’s General Store and got homemade chili and toasted roast beef sandwiches.

“Hello, big green beauties, get ready for chili and sandwiches,” I thought. Luckily, I had standard green plates to complete the setting. Did the green plates match? Of course not, but they looked good — a bit odd, but great.

Besides a thrift shop, the HUB facility (also known as “Faith in Action”) accommodates senior activities, music, markets and services. The organization is also a provider of free medical equipment for those in need.

The HUB Shop

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