Creative Tablescape Competition Winners 2022

WestSound Magazine received an abundance of creative tablescapes. The choices were all wonderful, but our tablescape judges made the difficult decisions — plus, there was a tie for third place.

Thank you to all who took the time to submit your tablescapes. And thank you to our judges for their time and expertise. Congratulations to our winners: Geneva Norton, Betty Jacobson, Laurie Bevan and Donna Stinnett on their creations of beautiful tables.

First Place — The 12s’ Days of Christmas — A New Year’s Celebration

When I realized a Seahawk game was scheduled for New Year’s Day, I started thinking in blue and green. It was the best way ever to start a new year, celebrating team spirit with my fellow 12s. Juxtaposing football with the glitz we associate with New Year’s parties made me smile, and creative genes clicked on.

A buffet table was set with all sorts of fun stuff — vintage family things like the “Fiddle Tree” I dismantled and painted blue and green and antique dog-show trophies from our cocker spaniels back in New England, including candlesticks, candy dishes and a big Revere bowl to fill with fresh Pacific Northwest greens and flowers.

Napkin rings are just plain fun, given a glue gun, spray paint, pretty ribbon and crazy stuff like small cones and peach pits.

I added in the glitz of Mardi Gras beads gathered in the wake of a parade on the streets of Mobile, Alabama (where Mardi Gras celebrations really began), scattering them on a tray — a perfect Seahawk green.

And finally, I topped it all off with local wine (appropriately labeled) and in the background, a painting of the Seattle skyline and the Seahawk “12” logo that I had painted during a fun wine-and-cheese party at Dolly Mama’s in Gig Harbor.

Tablescape by: Geneva Norton, Gig Harbor

Second Place — Champagne Brunch

A beautiful morning, great friends and a champagne brunch led to hours of storytelling and sweet surprises. While I love a theme, this time, I let what was on hand lead the way — one of my favorite treasures, polka dots. Friends and family have added to my polka dot collection knowing that I manage to use dots everywhere, and this was one of those moments.

Tablescape by: Betty Jacobson, Tahuya

Third Place (Tie) — Creating an Italian Piazza

I am an Italophile longing for an evening spent in my favorite Italian piazza. Since that won’t be happening anytime soon, I have created my own deck “piazza” and set my table family style.

The sunflower was grown in my garden, and the little red vase and tablecloth are from an Italian kitchen store in British Columbia that I visited recently. The paper napkins are some I thought were particularly cheerful and the dishes are from Sur la Table. The funny thing about these dishes is that they are melamine. Everyone always thinks they’re ceramic, but they’re not.

I hope you enjoy your time spent on my Italian piazza.

Tablescape by: Laurie Bevan, Seabeck

Third Place (Tie) — Welcome Your Guests and Friends

So, what does tablescape mean to people? I can’t find the word in my dictionary but I’m sure if it were there, it would be defined as an endearing way to say welcome to your guests and friends. Webster might refer to it as a noun but it could also be a verb or even an adjective. A beautiful tablescape elicits strong emotional bonding with your guests and tells a story about the hosts.

For me, it’s a blending of styles and textures, creating a work of art that touches people in ways unique and special to them. Family and friendship histories are shared around the tablescape and new memories are created and take root.

Pulling together pieces handed down from cherished family and friends and combining them with new colors and patterns is something I have always loved doing. And, seeing the smile on my guests’ faces as they know their friendship is cherished is special for me. Tablescape is a great word for hospitality.

Tablescape by: Donna Stinnett, Poulsbo