Creative Tablescape Competition Winners 2018

Tablescape Winners 2018This year, WestSound Magazine magazine received an abundance of creative tablescapes. The choices were all wonderful — but our tablescape judges, Linna Lawrence and Tami Blacknall, made the difficult decisions! Thank you to all who took the time to submit their tablescapes.

Thank you to our judges for their time and expertise. Congratulations to our winners: Dan Shoap, Beth Henkelman and Betty and Dennis Jacobson on their creations of beautiful tables.

First Place — Holiday Tablescape

Although Dan Shoap likes to take considerable care to ensure dinner guests feel they’ve come to his home for a special evening, he pulls out all the stops for Christmas. This year, the table was designed to coordinate between the tree, house decorations and the table decór. It meant hours at floral design stores, researching videos on wreath making, arranging and rearranging the table for-last-minute ideas or to make room for one more guest. Table design the rest of the year is necessary but Christmas offers the opportunity to turn even the most cynical guests back into kids.

Tablescape by: Dan Shoap, Olalla

Second Place — Celebrating Spring’s Arrival

Spring is a time to celebrate the passing of winter and the rejuvenation of life and friendship. Centered on colors and textures that are inspired by a colorful, beautiful butterfly garden, this grand floral tablescape features an elegant centerpiece of live garden flowers in white, wooden crates. Gold-laced, pink linen napkins folded as lilies and adorned with gold butterflies set upon platinum-band, white china plates. Sparkling-bronze glass chargers rest in pearl-trimmed bird’s nests to complete the feeling of spring for the table.

Tablescape by: Beth Henkelman, Olalla

Third Place — Happy Hour on Hood Canal

Throughout the year, especially during the summer, the Jacobsons find themselves enjoying breakfast, lunch and dinner (and happy hours) on the patio. Everything is yummy … from the views and the smells, to the food.

Tablescape by: Betty and Dennis Jacobson, Tahuya