Creative Tablescape Competition Winners 2017

First Place — Northwest DinnerThis year, WestSound Magazine magazine received an abundance of creative tablescapes. The choices were all wonderful — but our tablescape judges, Linna Lawrence and Tami Blacknall, made the difficult decisions! Thank you to all who took the time to submit their tablescapes. And thank you to our judges for their time and expertise. Congratulations to our winners: Betty and Dennis Jacobson, Laureen Henkelman and Colie Hough-Beck on their creations of beautiful tables.

First Place — Northwest Dinner

“The tide is out…the table is set…and now is the time to enjoy family and friends! Northwest waterfront living offers casual elegance and our table setting reflects the natural bounty of Hood Canal beach. To us, the dining experience is not only about the invitation list, but about making our guests feel welcome and relaxed. Our table presentation offers color, texture and visual stimulation, which in turn leads to hours of fun and interesting conversation.”

Tablescape by: Betty and Dennis Jacobson, Tahuya

Second Place — Moonshiners’ Romance

“Candles danced on the tabletop, flickering light off textured glass and copper accents, giving homage to traditional moonshine rigs. Light floral elements balanced the vibrant cobalt blue hues and popped against the forest background. Mesh panels draped from the structure blew lightly in the wind, while lights twinkled within them and on a mossy branch chandelier. Everything down to wildflower-themed place card holders were thought-out in detail to make an intimate setting.”

Tablescape by: Lauren Henkelman, Olalla

Third Place — A Table Set for Two

“Dining on the beach with the treasures delivered by the sea. Our table, a weathered tree round, is the perfect size for two. We enjoy the seasonal catch of the day in nature’s spectacular setting. The Olympic Mountains frame our dining room while the ceiling of ever-changing clouds allows the sun to dance on the water, adding an elegant sparkle. Hood Canal’s subtle waves create a soft orchestra of music. As the lights are dimmed by the sunset, we reminisce, count our blessings.”

Tablescape by: Colie Hough-Beck, Tahuya