Teri's Tips

Spring Is Here!

Bareroot PlantingMarch is my favorite month for planting bareroot trees, shrubs, roses and herbaceous edibles. By planting bareroot, you’ll save money.

Here are some plant suggestions:

Tree types:

Flowering • Fruit • Shade


Lilacs • Flowering currants • Dogwoods • Bridal spirea • Forsythia


English • Climbing • Rugosa • Modern • Old fashioned • Fragrant (or not) Tree roses

Plant bareroot trees when they’re dormant — this is very important. Prepare your soil and be sure it’s well-draining. I always add mushroom compost and other nutrients when planting to give the plants a boost for spring.

The hole must be large enough to accommodate the roots so they don’t bend or break. Water after planting. Make sure there aren’t any air pockets — watering well will help with this.

Backfill the hole with more compost and soil, as if it’s a small hill to place the center of the root system on. Then carefully place the roots to the sides.

After filling, I always add more mushroom compost around the plant on the surface of the plant perimeter.

Water and fertilize as the season warms up to keep everything properly hydrated.

I can’t wait to pick bouquets of tulips and daffodils in early spring. Watching everything leaf out and hearing the songbirds singing away will be so welcome.

Happy planting!