Teri's Tips

Campanula Bellflower

Campanula BellflowerCampanulas are my new favorite plant. There are about 500 varieties — encompassed trailers, creeping or tufted miniatures and erect kinds 1 to 6 feet. Most are perennials; some are biennials or annuals.

Flowers are usually bell-shaped, though some are star-shaped, cupped or round and flat. They bloom from spring to fall, depending on the variety.

They are wonderful in the garden and can be used as ground covers in rockeries. Upright varieties are great for borders, cuttings and containers. Trailing varieties are ideal for hanging baskets, wall crevices and pots.

The colors are saturated purples, blues, rose, lavenders and whites.

Most campanulas like sun and partial shade. Slugs love them as much as I do, so beware.

Taller varieties will need deadheading for continuous blooms throughout the summer season.

You will be thrilled to have them as part of your garden and in your bouquets.