Teri's Tips

Things to Do Now in Your Garden

baby treesEven though we are in the winter months, shrubs, plants and trees come alive in January. It’s a good time to test your soil for missing nutrients and then fertilize and amend accordingly.

Inventory your garden seeds well before you start planting them and check to be sure they are for the winter month plantings. If your seeds are more than three years old, you shouldn’t use them and buy new seeds.

Plant bare-root fruit trees as soon as they come into the nurseries. It’s important to plant trees and shrubs before they break dormancy. If bare- root roses are available, wait until late January or early February and plant them through March. Be sure the ones you purchase will do well in our zones.

I always plan new gardens for the spring this time of year. Moving plants around the yard and creating a new space in the garden is one of my favorite things to do.

Don’t miss the Northwest Garden Show in Seattle in February for new ideas and new tools — and to meet lots of creative people showing off their garden goods. There’s a lot of spring bulbs there, too.

Always keep your birdbaths and feeders clean and full of food and water. Remember to put shallow dishes of water out for critters as the temperatures drop.

Spray your fruit trees with an application of horticultural and dormant spray oils.

Raised bed gardens are fun to plant because you can control the quality of the soil. I love backyard kitchen, herbal and vegetable gardens.