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Poulsbo’s Valley Nursery

Valley NurseryOne of the first sights you will see as you arrive at Valley Nursery in Poulsbo is a statue that a local wood carver made in the late 1980s. This mascot was named as the result of a contest and has been known ever since as Valnur. The name sounds foreign but it actually came from the first three letters of Valley and Nursery.

Another, smaller troll statue that is currently located in the Answer Shack is named Nurval. This one is has been part of the Viking Fest Parade over the years.

Brad Watts, owner, Valley Nursery
Brad Watts, owner

Valley Nursery, sited on 6 acres of land on Dogfish Creek, has been serving gardeners since 1971. Brad Watts, a Washington State University graduate of the horticulture program, has been leading the nursery since 1986 with the assistance of several family members.

Valley NurseryThe business currently includes two generations of family. Watts has three daughters, two of whom are actively involved in operations. Bailey, the youngest, is in charge of the hard goods department, class scheduling and operations. Riley Robbins, the middle daughter, is in charge of greenhouse operations off site on Minder Road, and also helps in accounting, social media coordination and receiving.

Watts’ son-in-law, Justin Robbins, is the acting general manager. He buys gifts and pottery and manages the gift shop in addition to the retail operation. Justin and Riley Robbins, the only couple ever to marry at Valley Nursery, have expressed interest to Watts about keeping the business in the family.

Valley NurseryThe niche in the market is supply and knowledge. You will be impressed with variety and quality of the nursery plants. March and April is peak season including for homegrown plants. The spring season also brings several free educational classes, such as tips for gardening success with Japanese maples, rain gardens and home fruit production.

Valley is dedicated to the Poulsbo community and has made many donations to Fishline, local parks and North Kitsap High School, among others.

Certified professional horticulturists (CPH) are frequently on hand, offering the most-logical answers for customer concerns. The “Answer Shack” is where you can get professional plant diagnosis and advice for your garden.

Valley Nursery Gift Shop ready for spring
Gift shop ready for spring

While Valley Nursery doesn’t offer installation services for a garden, staff can provide recommendations for landscape professionals who can help customers in need of planting help and maintenance.

This year will bring an increase in preplanted and custom-planted containers for patios and gardens. Many gardeners appreciate having a ready-to-enjoy gift or addition to their own garden, and Valley will be ready to fill that niche.

The nursery’s goal is to provide accurate, honest advice on what will best suit the customer, with a commitment to plants that are best for local conditions. This commitment to the local area ensures return clients and positive rapport with customers.

Valley Nursery, Inc.

20882 Bond Road NE, Poulsbo • 360-779-3806 •

Free Classes — Spring 2018

Consult for updates, information, and registration for these free classes:

  • “The Importance of Soils in the Garden” with Pam Sinclair, March 3
  • “Growing Veggies in Raised Beds” with Sylvia Smith, March 4
  • “Veggie Gardening 101” with Brad Watts, March 10 and 11
  • “Refining Conifers for Shape, Size and Health” with Dave DeWire, March 10
  • “Growing Veggies in Containers” with Sylvia Smith, March 11
  • “Composting — Creating ‘Black Gold’” with Pam Sinclair, March 31
  • “How to Successfully Grow Tomatoes” with Brad Watts, April 14 and 15
  • “Basic Lawn Care” with Pam Sinclair, April 14
  • “Understanding Fertilizers” with Pam Sinclair, April 15
  • “Incorporating Edibles in the Garden” with Jeanette Moyer, April 21
  • “Pollinator Gardens” with Sylvia Smith, April 21
  • “Seasonal Annual Containers” with Sylvia Smith, April 22
  • “How to Plant — The Green Side Up” with Pam Sinclair, April 22
  • “Cutting Flower Garden and Cut Flower Care” with Sylvia Smith, April 28
  • “‘Green Thumb’ Plants” with Pam Sinclair, April 28
  • “How to Deal with Weeds and Invasive Plants” with Pam Sinclair, April 29