Rockin’ Around Kitsap

Rockin’ Around KitsapIf you are a record fan, you may fall into one of two common categories: those who use vinyl to decorate because they like the aesthetic and those who swear by the sound quality. Whatever the reason you love records, you’ll find plenty around West Sound.

Clint Leach and Julian Maltby explain why people admire records for their sound. “It [vinyl record] just outdoes everything else because of the high-fidelity sound,” says Leach, owner of Bigfoot’s House of Vinyl and More. Maltby, who runs C Side Records, adds that everyone should know about the “phonic quality” of records.

On the other hand, Kitsap Audio Video’s owner Derek Rano shares that vinyl sound superiority is subjective. “It’s an interpretation for it all. Some people prefer digital to vinyl,” he says.

But don’t worry if records are not your thing. They might grow on you, or you may be one who has a liking for modern music methods.

Leach, Maltby and Rano also note the positive aspects of vinyl’s physicality. “It’s much different than streaming a song or even a CD,” Leach says.

For example, vinyl records are flipped halfway through, like a tape. CDs and streaming go from typing to the press of a button to inserting a disc.

“Vinyl is more tangible. It’s more involved. It’s more engaging,” Rano says. The disc is large and requires maintenance. “Vinyl, you have to take care of it,” he adds.

“Records are more personal: sound-wise, artwork, easy to read, more informative,” says Gerry Dupuis at Port Orchard’s Vinyl Injection.

Ready to see the appeal of records for yourself? Stop by these local shops.

Backstreet BeatBackstreet Beat

265 Winslow Way E., Suite 102 Bainbridge Island • 206-780-6721

Raymond Gendreau says his shop, Backstreet Beat, is the “perfect retirement business” for him. “So far, it’s the best job I’ve ever had,” he says.

He sells books and records because he’s a longtime avid record and book collector.

Bigfoot’s House of Vinyl and MoreBigfoot’s House of Vinyl and More

409 Pacific Avenue, Suite 204, Bremerton • 360-207-3713 •

Bigfoot’s House of Vinyl and More is owned by the Leach family. Clint Leach focuses on being community oriented. In addition, the store has a large selection of vinyl for purchase.

C Side RecordsC Side Records

823 Bay Street, Port Orchard • 360-979-9565 •

Julian Maltby, the owner of C Side Records, explains that he wanted to share the music he grew up with. His store as a small shop within downtown Port Orchard, where along with purchasing vinyl you can get a variety of other shopping done.

Kitsap Audio VideoKitsap Audio Video

2855 NW Kitsap Place, Silverdale • 360-434-5200 •

Derek Rano opened Kitsap Audio Video in 2013. The shop sells equipment for records, along with some vinyl. Staff at Backstreet Beat say that Kitsap Audio Video is their recommended store for equipment. Rano emphasizes that you need to maintain your records and record player by cleaning them regularly, and he can advise customers how to do it properly.

Rockin’ Ruby’s RecordsRockin’ Ruby’s Records

279 Lindvig Way NW, Poulsbo • 360-930-9140 •

Melanie Peters at Rockin’ Ruby’s Records opened her store in April 2023. “We try to carry a little bit of everything,” she says. There is classic music from back in the day and today’s artists, such as Taylor Swift, in record format. The business will be branching out by adding vintage clothing and expanding its guitar selection.

Vinyl InjectionVinyl Injection

1700 SE Mile Hill Drive, Port Orchard • 360-265-3674

Gerry Dupuis has been running Vinyl Injection for three years. In addition to plenty of records, he sells CDs and comic books. However, he says that vinyl is the best for music due to its sound.

Rockin’ Around KitsapOthers

Mainstream stores carry records, too. Take a look at the vinyl inventory at department stores, thrift shops, bookstores and online shops. Most of the store chains and bigger companies have less variety than the small, local shops, but you might still find exactly what you want.