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Seasoned Photographer Partners with Young Entrepreneur

Callaway Cooper and Josh Diamond — behind the scenes (Photo courtesy The Content Scout)
Callaway Cooper and Josh Diamond — behind the scenes
(Photo courtesy The Content Scout)

I was fortunate enough to cross paths with the immensely talented and ever-so-patient Josh Diamond of Adamas Design. A diamond in the rough, so to speak, living and working in West Sound, a location that doesn’t seem viable to those working in the fashion industry.

Various photographers contacted me about a year ago through Instagram. Additionally, I was receiving messages, what seemed like daily, from clothing manufacturers asking me become a “brand ambassador” for their company.

These manufacturers wanted to pay me to wear their clothes in return for photos of me modeling their garments. It seemed to be too good to be true. However, as luck would have it, these manufacturers were legitimate, offering payment and, in most cases, the extra bonus of keeping the garments.

Josh Diamond
Josh Diamond

Navigating this “business of beauty” is difficult for anyone, including me, as I have limited experience at 17 years old. Now steps in Josh Diamond, a local area native who fell in love with fashion at an early age.

Callaway Cooper“I would often spend hours with my sister helping her find the perfect dress for a special occasion,” Diamond said. This also kicked off his love of fashion-related photography.

His passion blossomed and he fully immersed himself into hair, makeup and prosthetics, as well as body painting, to create out-of-this-world looks for documenting and photographing.

With his passion for all things fashion and the pursuit of gaining more knowledge, Diamond ventured to California, where he worked for Disney and was often in costume himself. He was able to work behind the scenes with photographers and became a camera pass on many shoots.

Callaway Cooper and Josh Diamond — behind the scenes (Photo courtesy The Content Scout)Once back home, he found himself still wanting to keep a toe in the industry pond by sitting on Seattle Fashion’s board. He photographed Seattle Fashion week while also focusing on creating a studio on the farm that he and his wife, Katie, have resurrected and continue to expand.

In addition to working with photography clients, Diamond teaches photography, graphic design — and soon, video design — at a local area high school. For me personally, he has a way of teaching and working with me that is comfortable and I believe his images reflect this. Together, we recently wrapped up two commercial shoots for nationally produced active-wear manufacturers.

Josh DiamondFor those looking to get into the industry in front of or behind the lens, Diamond often consults with students on wardrobe choices. He likes to help clients use clothing they have on hand. He has a team of hair and makeup consultants who can also provide assistance and advice.

I am still very new to navigating this ever-changing world and Josh Diamond is a wonderful and patient teacher. I am just a high school student who came to Josh with almost zero experience with anything outside of taking photos with my friends and family. I never thought I would be a candidate for anything related to modeling. Working with Diamond has allowed me to expand my reach and become very interested and well versed in the “business of beauty.”

Josh Diamond | Adamas Design