Curb Appeal Tips for Making Your Home Shine

Making Your Home ShineThere are many things you can do to improve your homes curb appeal, ranging from doing simple things yourself to hiring a professional. Here is a quick rundown of great curb appeal enhancers that almost everyone can manage.

Paint your entry door. Or, if it is wood, refinish it. This can brighten up your home in a big way. Be sure to choose a fresh color with some pop or a stain that is not too dark.

Change your house numbers. There are so many styles to choose from at box stores and even more online. It’s a simple detail that can really shine. Numbers come in every finish, or you can spray paint them a fun color if you like a funkier look.

Swap out your porch and/or garage lights. Easy and fast, and it really updates and changes the look right away.

Pressure-wash everything. Nothing shines like clean stuff. If the stuff you are pressure-washing is not in great shape — like paint — be prepared to do some additional work to get it in top form.

Clean and seal concrete drives, porches and walkways. These can get grimy in our Pacific Northwest climate. Cleaning them does wonders, while sealing them will keep them looking great. You can choose matte, satin or wet-look sealers.

Consider staining concrete that is discolored. This can really even out stained concrete and give it a fresh look. Use a stain that will blend everything together, and you may need two coats.

Paint your garage doors. They can fade over time and usually attract a lot of heat if metal; a quick coat of paint can have them looking great. If you have any windows, you can also replace dated glass. The glass panels often have frames that become yellow over time — touch those up for a fresh look.

Add shutters or window boxes. Home stores have a lot of shutter styles to choose from as well as special orders. There are a lot of options for all architectural styles.

Build a screen for your trash and recycle or heat pump. Let’s face it, not everything will fit in the garage, and if you are storing your trash/recycle cans outside or have a heat pump, build an attractive screen for them.

The following jobs might take a little more know-how but are also great upgrades to curb appeal.

Add some cultured stone to the entry posts or a wainscot on a section of the front of the house. Depending on your DIY skill level, this could be a no brainer, or you may want to hire a professional mason.

Lay tile over your old concrete stoop. This can involve some tricky steps, like rehanging the door. Again, evaluate your skill set seriously before embarking on this task alone.

Build a pergola over the garage door. This is a great project that most DIYers can take on that can really freshen up the look. Add a climbing vine or plant that will fill in over time.

Any of these steps will have you pulling up to your house each day with a smile, and your neighbors might join in and get the whole street looking a little shinier!