Campfire Stories to Bring Along on Your Next Trip

Photo courtesy Carthartt
(Photo courtesy Carthartt)

Editor’s note: Just in time for the upcoming camping season, the camping experts at Carhartt shared their favorite stories with WestSound Magazine readers. Check them out as you’re planning your next camping trip. Use at your own risk!

There are few things better than telling scary stories around the campfire. Seeing the terrified faces of the kids (and maybe a few adults) is priceless. But thanks to movies, books and the internet, scaring others might not be as easy as it once was. So if you are running low on good stories to tell, we’ve got you covered. So grab the marshmallows and get ready to scream. (Or yelp in a very manly manner.)

Bloody Mary

Best Audience: This story is best for adolescents.

Why We Love It: In this classic spooky story, young children are lured from their beds at night to feed an evil woman’s bloodlust. It’s the perfect story to frighten the young ones as they sit around the fire. For additional screams, add some distant singing, like Mary from the story, when everyone is safe in their sleeping bags.

The Big Toe

Best Audience: The Big Toe is best for young children. No teen or adult is going to believe a family would eat a toe, but children will love the gross factor!

Why We Love It: This suspenseful, scary story has been around for generations. It slowly builds the tension until the final moment, resulting in frightened screams! For maximum chills and thrills, grab the person sitting next to you as you deliver the final line.

White Eyes

Best Audience: Teens and young adults are likely to respond well to this story. While not necessarily believable, it can cause nervous glances toward the surrounding woods.

Why We Love It: White Eyes is perfect for a mountain camping trip since you can substitute the mountain range mentioned in the story for the area you are camping. As with all great, scary stories, be sure to build the suspense, pausing for added effect.

Lost in the Woods

Best Audience: Kids will appreciate this story, but a few gullible adults might like it just as much!

Why We Love It: Lost in the Woods is a story that calls for teamwork. One person sits by the fire building suspense and telling the tale of the lost camp counselor. All the while, the storyteller’s accomplice lurks nearby in the dark, waiting for their moment to spook the campers with a perfectly timed shriek. It’s brilliant!

Missing Boyfriend

Best Audience: Teens will respond well to this story. After all, how many of them go to a deserted spot to make out?

Why We Love It: Like some of our other stories, this one combines classic elements of American urban legends. Teens sneak off to Lovers Lane and get attacked by a crazy madman!

Phone Calls

Best Audience: We love this story for adults.

Why We Love It: Here’s another great classic. It’s reminiscent of Scream, but with a bloody twist. Be sure to tell the story slowly, building speed and suspense as you get closer to the end.


Best Audience: This can be a sweet and slightly spooky story for all ages.

Why We Love It: This story isn’t truly scary, which makes it great for children that you don’t want to scare into sleeping next to you. It is a spooky tale that’s a little sweet in the end.

Now that you have a few stories under your belt, visit a quality retailer like Carhartt to make sure you have all the other essentials needed for a great camping trip.