Share Your Fixing, Repairing, Mending or Sewing Skills with the Community

fixersCan you fix, repair, mend or sew? Share your skills at upcoming Fix-It Fairs. These are free, three-hour long community events where people can get household items repaired for free by skilled community fixers.

Zero Waste Washington and Kitsap County are piloting a series of local Fix-It Fairs starting in 2020. These events are community powered, so the first step is to recruit local fixers, student fixer apprentices and event volunteers. Event dates and locations will be announced in January but in the meantime, you can visit the Fix-It Fair website to learn more and sign up for email bulletins.

If you’re interested in fixing items at these events, please submit an interest form at our Fix-It Fair website or call the program coordinator at 360-337-4678 to be added to the list of interested fixers. Once dates and locations are selected, the organizers will contact you for your availability.

Household items fixed at Fix-It Fairs include small appliances, small electronics, lamps, furniture, clothing, bicycles, computers, jewelry, toys and more. Both generalists and specialists are welcome.

Fixers are arranged at stations throughout the room. Visitors will check-in, sign a waiver, wait for their name to be called, and then will be escorted to a fixer. Visitors stay with their items, watch the repair and often help. Repairs are not guaranteed.

Fixers bring their own tools, equipment and small supplies. Fair organizers set up and bring extra supplies, tools, tables, chairs, extension cords, food and drink. Stipends are available for core fixers and student fixer apprentices.

Event volunteers and community partners are also needed to help.