Recipe for Country Caramel Apples

Perfect for entertaining or simply enjoying after a long day at the office, easy snacks with a few ingredients can help satisfy cravings without spoiling dinner plans. Versatile produce, like apples, provide a sweet, fruity backdrop in favorite recipes that can be enjoyed year-round.

Take these Country Caramel Apples, for example, which include apples, caramel dip and crushed pecans to make hosting duties fun and convenient. The combination of sweet and savory makes it the ultimate apple experience with the craveable texture and crunch of Envy Apples lending an uplifting aroma and flavor.

Providing a balanced sweetness with flesh that remains whiter longer, even after cutting, this leading apple variety makes entertaining easy, regardless of the occasion. Just carve small pieces out with a melon ball scoop, coat with caramel dip, roll in crushed pecans and serve with toothpicks to make snack time a breeze.

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Country Caramel ApplesCountry Caramel Apples



Using melon ball scoop, carve round apple pieces, starting at skin and rotating inward.

Insert long toothpick into each round apple piece.

Place crushed pecans in small bowl. Roll round apple pieces in caramel dip then roll in crushed pecans.

Place coated apple bites on serving tray and refrigerate until just prior to serving.