Tips for Designing a New Nursery

(Photo by Toa Heftiba)
(Photo by Toa Heftiba)

Decorating a nursery can be one of the most exciting aspects of preparing for the arrival of a baby. From deciding on a theme to picking the perfect color palette, there are so many things to consider to make it perfect for your new arrival.

To lend a helping hand and offer some inspiration, the team at Your Baby Club have scoured social media to find the top interior trends to help assist you in decorating your home nursery. Here’s the trends they discovered.

Neutral Nursery

Crisp, clean and comforting, neutral nurseries are proving extremely popular on social media. Google searches for “neutral nursery: have increased by 1,700% over the past few months. On TikTok, the hashtag #neutralnursey has amassed a colossal 107.7 million views, proving that it’s a top trend for the season ahead.

Soft, muted color palettes like beige, white and gray are the core of neutral nurseries. These colors provide a blank canvas for you to be creative with personal touches and additions once the little one arrives. To add a touch of color, sage greens, pastels, ivory and taupe are a few options that still stick to the neutral scheme but can be adapted as your baby grows and starts to develop a personality.

Forest Theme

Wood accents, natural textures, graphic wallpaper and woodland creatures are all elements of a forest-themed nursery. It seems that the whimsical woodland theme is a top trend of the year for those looking for online inspiration too, with Pinterest searches up by 53%.

Top tip: To bring a touch of true nature into the space, indoor plants can be the perfect option. Not only do they look great, but they can also remove toxins from the air, as they are natural air purifiers. Plants safe to decorate nurseries with include the parlor palm, spider plant and money tree.

Vintage Nursery

The aim is to create a space that feels safe, welcoming and tranquil for your little one. By incorporating a touch of tradition using floral print wallpaper, blush pinks, sage greens and wooden accents, you can bring a rustic, vintage feel to your space. These tones and colors will look great when paired with brushed copper accessories, old-fashioned photos, Persian rugs and vintage children’s toys like rocking horses, dolls and teddy bears.

Searches on Google have increased by 113% over the past 12 months for vintage nursery inspiration. The trend is timeless and can be easily adapted to your own personal taste.

Celestial Theme

Stargazers, do we have the nursery theme for you! The celestial theme isn’t uncommon for a nursery, having been embraced by nature and astrology lovers alike. It’s a fun, gender-neutral theme that can incorporate the sun, moon, stars and planets.

The color and movement of the reflective stars, solar system aspects and twinkle lights are interactive features that will stimulate your baby’s brain from the day you bring them home. On Google, searches are up 7,200% for “celestial nursery,” while on TikTok the hashtag #celestial has gained 819.1 million views.

In the Clouds

Floating clouds and hot air balloons are a huge trend. Soon-to-be parents are looking for creative ways to incorporate dreamy, in-the-sky aspects into their nurseries, to add a tranquil feel to the space. Fluffy clouds and floating hot air balloons can be hung from the ceiling, and LED clouds mounted onto the wall to add character and uniqueness to the room.

Demand for “cloud nursery” inspiration is up on Pinterest, with a search increase of 28% over the last 12 months — proving just how popular this trend is set to be.

Nautical Nursery

The seaside-inspired nursery trend has resurfaced once again, with searches up by 4,000% on Google in the last 12 months alone. Think clean whites, deep dark shades of navy and accents of red, paired with sea creatures, boats and anchors.

It’s not just the nautical theme that is trending; all things under the sea are creating a storm on social media, with a heavy focus on sea life, from crabs, dolphins and fish, to sand and shells. We’re likely to see demand for this trend increase following the release of “The Little Mermaid” earlier this year, as it will likely inspire a new love for sealife and mermaid themes.

Boho Baby

From indoor plants to natural fiber rugs, wooden furniture and macrame wall hangings, the boho interior trend is easy to replicate in your nursery. The theme is about bringing together shades of beige and cream with soft browns and light oak furnishings.

The bohemian style is becoming increasingly popular, as the neutral palette and soft features create a calming and relaxing atmosphere for new babies.

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