What the Paint Color of Your Home Says About Your Personality

colorful homesMany people who buy their homes usually style them based on their home’s features and color. Other times, they style it with their favorite colors. But not many people think about what their color choice says about them.

Maybe there’s no correlation between the paint color and the homeowner’s personality. Or, maybe the color you choose says quite a bit about you.


You can’t go wrong with white walls for a house, both for the interior or for the exterior. They give off a basic yet clean and classic look. Plus, you can complement white walls with many other colors, plants and decorations.

What white paint says about your personality is that you’re almost like a chameleon to people and the environment around you; you’re naturally a great fit with any group and can adapt to anyone.

You just naturally stand out even though you don’t really need to. You like to keep things clean and neat. Your simple style attracts many and you do it almost effortlessly.


Blue paint on your home is a clean color that is often hard to find on the exterior. It’s a unique color for an exterior that can look nice for darker shades like midnight blue or navy, as well as lighter blue like sky blue or navy blue.

What blue paint says about your personality is that you’re not afraid to be different. You like to go against the grain and try things that most people wouldn’t dare to. You’re unapologetic and OK with people not liking you or understanding you at times.

People often admire you for your personality and others who have similar personalities become very close with you.


Brown paint is a common color choice for your home’s interior and often on the exterior. There’s a good chance that you see a ton of beautiful houses with a tan or mocha brown exterior.

If you have brown paint on the exterior of your home, your personality probably resembles an introvert. You are likely very quiet in public or around people you don’t know. But when you get around people you’re comfortable with, you become much more lively and almost a different person.

You tend to get overlooked because of how quiet you are. However, when people take the time to get to know you, they quickly understand how cool you really are.


Even though black is not seen often for most home exteriors, the color fits perfectly with the sleek design of the modern homes. A black exterior gives the house a sleek, more advanced appearance.

With the black paint on your home exterior, you have a cool, laid back personality but also exude confidence without having to say much at all. You’re also someone who likes things clean and neat and are very smooth in everything you do.

When things don’t go as planned, you rarely overreact and you make it very hard for people to dislike you by how you carry yourself.

Jennifer WalkerAbout The Author

Jenn Walker is a freelance writer for pizzazzpainting.com, blogger, dog-enthusiast and avid beach-goer operating out of Southern New Jersey.