How and Where to Recycle Your Holiday Waste

Recycle Christmas WrappingThe holidays bring in records amount of waste and recycling. Use this guide provide by Kitsap County on what, where, and when to recycle. And remember, many holiday waste items belong in the trash instead of the recycling — download and print our Holiday Waste Recycle Guide (PDF) to learn how to sort holiday waste correctly.

Drop-off recycling sites

Christmas tree recycling: Several Boy Scout troops throughout Kitsap County are recycling trees as a fundraiser, and will pick them up at your home. In addition, you can recycle your tree at many local businesses. Visit the Treecycle page to find a drop-off location or pickup fundraiser.

Holiday Waste Guide
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String lights: The metal in string lights can be recycled, but never put string lights in your recycle bin because they tangle the sorting machines. You can take your string lights to various hardware stores and metal recyclers — see a list of Kitsap free light collection sites.

Styrofoam: On Dec. 28, take your Styrofoam packaging to a free collection event at the Kitsap County fairgrounds. Never put Styrofoam in your recycling bin; it is a contaminant that harms the recycling system.

Plastic bags and film: Thin plastic bags and film can be recycled in the take-back bins at local grocery and department stores. Never put bags in your recycling bin; they tangle in the sorting machines.

TVs and computers: Free recycling for TVs and computers is available at E-Cycle Washington sites across Kitsap, including at several Goodwill locations. Due to the rare metals and hazardous materials inside, these electronics cannot go in the trash.

Cooking oil: Take cooking oil to a free cooking oil recycling site and put cold grease and fat in the trash. Oil and grease from food preparation can build up in pipes and lead to sewage backups, expensive plumbing bills, and pollution in Puget Sound.

For other items, use the What Do I Do With It? List from Kitsap County Solid Waste, or check out the iRecycle mobile app, which gives you locations based on your zip code for everything from automotive and construction items to holiday and garden.