How to Win the Holidays with a Sentimental Touch

LegacyboxNeed a few ideas for your holiday décor? Here are four ideas for adding a sentimental touch to your festivities using your favorite photos — or use these ideas for inspiration when you’re planning your next celebration.

Set the “menu.”

We all look forward to gathering around the dinner table with our friends and loved ones during the holidays, but half the fun takes place in the kitchen in preparation for these feasts. This year, your favorite holiday traditions shouldn’t stay in the kitchen – instead, transform your old pictures and home videos cooking together into digital keepsakes.

Turn these cherished memories, or even old family recipes, into digital files you can share with loved ones afar or printed as a photo book to gift the whole family to pass on for generations to come.

Set the table.

In the spirit of gathering and reminiscing of holidays past around the table, how about putting those favorite holiday memories out on display to provide for some really great dinner conversation? Some ideas to make your holiday dinner just a little chattier this year include coasters, placemats, candles, vases, mugs and more.

LegacyboxSet the stage.

If you’re like us, you’ve been looking forward to Christmas decorating all year long. It’s finally time for sparkles, string lights and Santas, but if you’re looking for a sentimental touch this year, repurpose your old media into something new that your whole family can enjoy during the holidays. For example, ornaments, photo luminaries/wreaths and DIY photo hanging wall. After all, what better time to bring out those old Christmas photos on display?

Make a list and check it twice.

You’ve got food and family, but you can’t forget the presents. Give your gifts an extra personal touch this year by repurposing your photos into wrapping paper and collect some extra style points. Here some ideas:

  • You can never have enough throw blankets tastefully styled around your house, so how about turning your old photo files into a photo quilt so your favorite memories are out on display.
  • Transfer vintage photos to a plank of woodto showcase around the house or on ceramic tiles to make “Polaroid” photo coasters.
  • For those who can’t make it home for the holidays, send them a gift virtually, by digitizing their favorite memories they can play afar to bring them a piece of home.

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