Where Home Greets You at the Front Door

Book — The DIY Style FinderEditor’s note: This excerpt was adapted from KariAnne Wood’s “The DIY Style Finder: Discover Your Unique Style and Decorate it Yourself,” published by Harvest House Publishers (Eugene, Oregon). Used with permission.

Your entryway is the place where first impressions start. Sometimes good. Sometimes maybe not so much. Here are a few tips and ideas to create a warm and welcoming space that reflects your personality and your decorating style.

Introduce Your Style

If a home’s style is written on the pages of its rooms, then the entryway is the introduction. Allow guests to glimpse your personal decorating style from the first step through the front door.

If coastal is your style, add a driftwood mirror. If you like traditional, layer in an antique rug. It doesn’t have to be an overwhelming statement piece — just a hint of the decorating personality that’s just around the corner.

entrywayLight It Up

Create a welcoming entry with a little light. Place a small bookshelf or hutch in the entryway and add a lamp. Spotlight a piece of the art on the wall.

Add sconces to either side of the front door to warm up the entrance. In addition, adding a dimmer to your lighting helps change the mood depending on the time of day.

Look Down

Placing a rug in the entryway immediately warms up the room. Area rugs provide a cushion and introduce pattern and color into the small space.

Tip: The entryway is a high-traffic area. You’ll want to make sure to select a durable stain-resistant rug for the floor.

Provide a Surface for Stuff

There’s nothing like an entry to attract all kinds of stuff. I walk in with mail, keys, a purse and the occasional umbrella. Think through all that stuff. Give it a place to land.

entrywayA small console or table is the perfect piece for an entryway, especially if it has drawer. You might also want to add baskets to the tabletop to keep everything organized.

Extra Seating

If your space allows, add a small chair with a little personality in the entryway. This is a great way to introduce a little style.

For example, if your style is contemporary, choose a bright, geometric pattern to add a pop of color to the space. If transitional is more your look, add a pillow to the chair with one of your favorite quotes.

Faux Your Entryway

Not every house has an entryway. No worries. If you don’t have an extra room by the front door, just faux it.

Create the look of an entry with furniture and accessories. Add a hutch or bookcase by the front door with extra lighting and small bins for keys. Place a smaller rug just inside the door to define your entryway space. In addition, add an umbrella stand or oversized baskets by the entry for storage.

KariAnne WoodAbout The Author

KariAnne Wood writes the award-winning lifestyle blog Thistlewood Farms, a tiny corner of the internet where all her stories and DIY’s hang out and drink sweet tea. She also writes, photographs and styles for several national magazines including Better Homes and Gardens Christmas Ideas, Country Women and Flea Market Décor. Wood lives in the Dallas, Texas, area with her husband and four children.