Downsizing, Part 4

Final Touches and the Big Move to Your Smaller Space

Small House DownsizingYou have made the decision to downsize, sorted all your stuff, gotten rid of loads of things, and planned for your new space. Now it is time to put the final touches on and actually move.

Even though you have carefully planned your new home, if you are doing any improvements, remodeling or building, pay close attention as you proceed. Are there any hidden spaces you can utilize for extra storage? Can the cabinets go all the way to the ceiling for more storage, even if it is for seldom used items you need a step ladder to access?

Consider all the space, not just on the floor, and you will be able to squeeze even more useable space out of your small footprint. Think about built-in items like a wall-cabinet ironing board. Makes great sense and stores in place instead of trying to figure out where to stash an ironing board and related items.

Once you are ready to move, be prepared for round two of purging. Yes, even if you have been ruthless about getting ready to downsize, I can promise you will look at many things that came along on the move and wonder, “What was I thinking?” Again, act swiftly and give, donate or sell the items quickly and move on.

Before unpacking, think a bit about how you will use each space so that items can go in the right home first. Take advantage of all the great organizing items for cabinets to help corral small cooking things or ingredients available online and at stores like Bed Bath & Beyond.

Get unpacked, settle in. Start enjoying fewer places to clean and more free time. Less expense, more time for fun, travel, family and friends. Now that you have downsized your home, get ready to upgrade your life!

This is Part 4 of 4 in a Series on Downsizing: