Help Discover Your Style with an Inspiration Board

inspiration boardEditor’s note: This is a follow-up to Melissa Michaels’ “Inspire Your Rooms” tips—read them here. The excerpt was adapted from her book, “Simple Decorating: 50 Ways to Inspire Your Home,” published by Harvest House Publishers, Eugene, Oregon. Used by permission.

What do you love? What says “home” when you walk into a room? Discover your style by noticing what tones, colors, shapes and arrangements you would like your home to model in its own way — in your own way. Descriptive words and inspirational images will help lead the way!

Brainstorm inspiration words. Create a short list of words to express the look you want. Think about who you are, what you like and how others might describe you.

Consider the style of your home’s architecture, the surrounding landscape, your favorite books, hobbies, style of clothing, etc. If you don’t live alone, list words that describe your family, your spouse. Some examples of inspiration words are:

nature • clean • happy • sophisticated • collected • refreshing

airy • light • approachable • relaxed • sea • getaway


Browse images. Consider it an investment and not an indulgence to look at magazines and favorite online sources for photos of rooms you connect with. If you see a style you love, study it and dream up your version of it.

The most helpful examples will have at least one aspect in common with your space: room size or layout, style of windows, architectural details, etc. This might spark more ideas for your inspiration word list.

DIY: Craft an Inspiration Board

Finding time and space for you and what you love is important. It’s easy to forget YOU in the hustle and bustle of life. Taking time for ourselves away from the house, the family, the responsibilities is important too.

We sometimes forget to make time to get away from work or escape the day-to-day schedule. Making time to be a balanced person and just enjoy life and connect with others is key.

Keep your style in mind and in view with an inspiration board for your home or for each room! No, don’t get on Pinterest. That’s fun, but we’re talking about the real deal. An inspiration board in the real world will remind you to take time to BE YOU.

Here are some tips on how you can make your very own inspiration board.

  1. Choose a bulletin board. Or find a blank space on a wall you can take over for a season.
  2. Gather inspiration elements. Search your home, magazines, online sources and even the outdoors for photos or objects that represent what makes your heart sing.

Include mementos; scrapbook paper; fabric and paint swatches; fonts; photos; leaves or flowers; and your doodles of lamps, patterns or furniture arrangements.

  1. Arrange and pin the pieces. The pleasure of grouping, overlapping and rearranging the colors, photos, textures and ideas becomes a vacation from your usual routine. It can be addicting!
  2. Hang the board where it will motivate you. But don’t stop there. Continue brainstorming throughout the week.

Pull elements down that you grow tired of and put new ones up as you feel inspired. See what works, what clashes, what feeds your vision!

  1. Take a photo. This visual reference will keep you focused on your style goals when you are out and about or looking for particular pieces.

Step back and look at your board. Do you see YOU? You are precious. You are wonderful. You are unique and special. You need to make time for that girl to be who she was created to be.