Remodeling with Renting in Mind

Remodeling To RentVacation rentals, longer-term rentals, — all are ways to make some income from your home or second home.

You may be looking to rent out an entire home for a long term, a separate space in your home or just a small room, but before you get to remodeling that space, let’s look at the best investments you can make in materials for longevity and durability.

Very often rental properties, whether vacation or long-term, are subject to a bit more abuse than a normal home. Vacation rentals tend to have higher tenant turnover, and that can lead to damage due to people not always knowing how to operate the equipment. In some cases, rentals see a lot of “party” people and finishes can suffer from the aftereffects.

Some good places to invest in higher-quality items are plumbing fixtures. Good-quality sinks will reduce the chance of chipping, scratching or denting. A good-quality toilet can help with avoiding clogs and overflows, in many cases. Well-made faucets will stand up to lots of daily use in terms of both finish and moving parts.

Floor coverings can vary. You can invest in site-finished hardwood or tile for long-term durability, but then you may need area rugs to soften the space. Could people opt for prefinished hardwoods that are inexpensive, and purchase some extra material in the event that smaller areas need repairs? Carpet is often a good choice for several reasons: cost, comfort and looks.

There are now hundreds of styles of carpet tiles that are fantastic choices because any damaged areas can be easily swapped out. Be sure to order some extra in case the manufacturer discontinues the pattern.

Small things like paint can make a big difference. Durability in paint will be key, and a satin sheen will allow you to clean painted surfaces easily.

If your remodel is larger or you have the option, consider insulating between floors and walls for sound dampening. Of course, this is most cost-effective if the walls are already open, and it is a very small cost for the payoff you get in the quiet!

Depending on your budget, there are a lot of countertop options. Plastic laminate has made some huge strides in design, but stone and quartz are durable and stylish options if your budget allows for it.

When choosing anything for a rental remodel, consider the ease of care as a trade-off for the cost. Quality materials in the right areas will not only look great and last a long time, they will help to prevent maintenance issues for you down the road.